August 24th, 2007

Ann Vole

Cool possible addition to fur suits

for anthro hoofed characters and maybe digigrade characters (walk on their toes), this thing might be useful to add

DA picture of someone using them:

and a link to the source posted in the above link "description"

here is a company making hoof mechanical stuff

and a forum topic on the subject
Ann Vole

animator of the day Bernard Derriman

Bernard Derriman made the silly series Arj and Poopy and was (still is I think) a stand-up comedian (wrong... see below). Then he made the animation for TSIM's song "Everyone Has Had More Sex Then Me" and now seems to be just doing stuff on You Tube under the user name squetch (I think Squetch is the name of the rabbit in "Everyone Has Had More Sex Then Me")... looks like several of them are to be part of a series for "Big Green Rabbit" (music for kids?)

***edit*** he also worked on some Disney animation:
and a whole bunch more not listed in those links including most of Pumba's animation on "Lion King 1 1/2"

and he is not the stand up comedian but rather the voice actor is... named Arj Barker... together the wrote and recorded the Arj and Poopy episodes and
Derriman animated them

(second link made free of odd characters using )

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