August 5th, 2007

Ann Vole

Lack of caring is contageous

A lot of people have lost trust in me I think... Now they do not really care about me. I cannot be counted on to help them so they no longer expect my help nor ask for help. I feel like not caring myself... Why should I worry about other people's problems when they could not care less about my life. I keep my contact information available yet there are few people who ever contact me. Yeah, I don't contact them either so it is partly my fault too but I seem to not exist in their minds. If I make fictional characters, they will depend on me and if I have pets or raise animals as a business, they will also depend on me... I can pretend to be a significant being by putting myself in a significant role for those fictional characters or the animals in my care. Some how that seems like cheating though... They do not have a choice but to hold me as significant. I wonder of God is in the same boat and thus gives us a choice to make God significant or to doubt God's existance instead of forcing us to view God as significant... No cheating.