August 2nd, 2007

Ann Vole

Guardian angel dream

I fell back to sleep and had a different dream so this one is getting fuzzy in my mind

a character thought he caused the death of the girl he loved (but was too shy to tell her). There was some sort of nasty war going on and people were being killed by the invading army of child soldiers with some sort of sonic weapons that liquefied or powderized anything in the sonic beam (usually brains for the purpose of instant death). He said something about her so a soldier brought her dead body. At this point he wanted to kill himself (by doing what he could to have a soldier kill him). He had a female guardian angel trying to convince his mind not to kill himself and he was hesitating to do anything. He stood in a daze while everyone was being killed in his village and the buildings (made of weaved grass boxes filled with fluff and used as interlocking bricks) and sonic bombs were set off in the buildings to knock the walls out from the roof to have the roof cave in. While still thinking of how to convince a soldier to kill him with a desperate guardian angel above his head was trying to convince him otherwise, a stray sonic beam killed him anyways. Being that it was not intended and unexpected, the angel did not have anything to warn here to prevent his death. She found her self flying away against her struggles to stay by his side (he was now a floating spirit in a black empty space). He saw her and tried to fly after her and while he could keep up for a short bit, she said "I am the guardian of your life... I am so sorry I failed you". Once separated, she stopped and around her formed a clear door-less multi-level prison with a brass dome at the top that has a narrow slit in it which would let star light-beams shine though onto a detailed map-like floor (made of brass with brightly colored text and images inset in grooves in the brass as well as more small straight or curved slits or holes to let beams shine to the lower floor.) There were beams constantly flowing over everything like light does under water. The guardian angel sat down on the floor but was still floating above the floor. The guy found a group of large angels talking to each other but in a booming musical sort of murmuring sounds. he said " I need to find my guardian" an angel sort of made a shoo-away gesture and said "you have no need of one anymore" and continued what looked like a heated but friendly discussion in this non-human language of musical sounds. "please help me, I think I did something wrong" "confront your death... Only you can do that... Now let us alone, we have important matters" and the whole group of them whisked of into the blackness with them still standing like before and arguing undisturbed by this sudden movement. Suddenly he heard something behind him and turned around to see her tower of imprisonment but she could not hear him and was not looking to see him floating around and calling to her and attempting to bang on the clear walls but his arms or legs would just turn to smoke like when they made impact then reformed a second later but no sound was made.

That is all I remember except clothing detail which is hard for me to describe. The guardian angel wore a brass-colored leather-like hat that looked like the dome on her prison including a thick threaded cross-stitched seam that looked like the slit (with half-semicircles on the ends with the circle part aimed inward and the two ends of the half circles aimed outward...and add about 2% to the slit length)