July 31st, 2007

Ann Vole

Animation as a career verses animation as a passion

There are jobs you can get doing animation for tv shows where you just do what they tell you to do and do it fast. These are fine for people who do not feel the need to improve on someone else's ideas. I am not such a person usually... I always want to change things ... So, I chose to be a film maker instead. As such, I have to find my next project (producer job) and own my own equipment (producer job) and finance or acquire financing for each project (also a producer job) so I am able to hire my personal choice for the project's director (me) and DOP (director of photography... Me again) and script writer (yeah, me again). Even though I love animating even for someone else's projects, I get more enjoyment from the directing process and similar artistic and story-telling aspects. What has been keeping me back was first, a location to set things up... I do not want to move things for years. Secondly was good line-test equipment... This was originally a special single frame VCR that cost 2-3 thousand dollars but now I can set up with a digital camera, computer, and software for a few hundred bucks instead. Will I succeed at doing a few animation projects for money... Maybe but that is optional if my goal is to instead make my own films and distribute them (another producer job). I will make money to finance my own films by doing a different business (alternate energy contractor and maybe raising animals for pets such as Richardson Ground Squirrels in the spring). My other strategy for financing my own films (which really started my whole raising animals and resulting alternate energy stuff) is to learn how to not need to buy anything... I can live here for free as a rental property manager/owner and I will set up a greenhouse to grow my own foods. The occasional alternate energy job or commercial animation project will just be for financing equipment. Making films is not for money for me... Not a career but rather a strong urge to tell stories without words and preferably starring non-human characters (small mammals in particular). If these films never make a cent, I will still be very glad to have made them.