July 30th, 2007

Ann Vole

Story ideas re life of Christ...

Story of the criminals who were killed with Christ.
The story of Lazarus (before and after being raised... And sisters Mary and Martha)
the story of the people who allowed the room to be used for the Last Supper.
the story of Nicodemus
The story of the guy named "Legion" due to all the demons Jesus cast out
Jesus seemed to know a lot about farming for a carpenter who had fishermen and tax collectors for disciples... I think a childhood farmer friend of Jesus could work well and gives opportunities for animals to be included... likely connected to their time in a country house near Bethlehem.
They spent some time in Egypt... Could work for an interesting childhood story including crossing the desert twice and passing through Midian.
Stories of the two older people who blessed the child Jesus (Anna was one) or the people who talked with the child Jesus when he got left behind at the temple
Stories of the many donkeys in Jesus's life (been done before but I can do my own version), the one Mary rode to Bethlehem, the one Jesus rode on Palm Sunday, the one part of the story of finding the room for the last supper.
Ann Vole

Online university ideas

With the advantages of the internet, very specific topics can be made into a university course and still find a good number of students due to being available world-wide. These specific topics can include:
- "Furry" stuff
- everything to do with pet animals
- zero-energy building design
- better car design (that may be covered but may be biased
- underground heat and fluid flow (again, already covered but not in the light of certain environmental concerns and new inventions in geothermal design)
- lifespan extending lifestyle changes and how to get the general population to adopt those changes.
- societal waste reduction strategies