July 26th, 2007

Ann Vole

I dedicate my life to...

People keep saying I need to focus on one thing and I keep saying that I am focused... And on the same thing for decades... To create appreciation and respect for small mammals. There are three main ways I can do this though and that is the source of some of my apparent change in directions. 1) change attitudes with the "Bambi" effect where people see a movie starring a rodent (or a deer) and their attitude towards that animal changes. Right now, the movie Ratatouille will do a lot for rats. I left animation to wait for computer graphics technology to mature. 2) to do hands-on improvement of the lives of small animals and show others how to do such improvements. My initial attempts at this showed me that I have to start with an energy self-sufficient building. To build such a building, I discovered that all the best ideas were never put together in a unified system and that I already knew more about the topic than all the alternate energy industry people I could read about... If I wanted it done right, I would have to do it myself. To that end, I am setting up an alternate energy contracting company to try my ideas on other peoples buildings and make money doing so. Once I have my building, I will quit that and start raising animals but I might bother telling the world about my ideas but more as an excuse to make films starring animals for method 1 (Bambi effect) 3) the third way to change people's attitudes about animals is to unlock the door to their brains by figuring out how to do 2-way communication with them. This third method will not happen until I have my facilities as per 2 (energy self sufficient buildings and better ways of raising animals). BUT this third thing effects my designs for 2 and also may create the ultimate animal actors for use in 1 so it is front and center in my thinking even though it will be many years before I am ready to actually execute such a goal.

Mini goals towards the bigger goals:
- I want to live in vehicles because they force you to deal with every energy related item (like waste/sewage and power creation and storage)
- I want a university degree (in anything) to help with credibility when trying to secure funding for my business ideas (bankers and investors seem to think highly of university degrees).
- combining the above two mini goals, I will try to get set up to live in my van including alternate power for a computer system
- to keep my film making skills sharp without the expense of film making, I want to do a daily webcomic. The guy who makes the TV shows The Simpsons and Futurama and now is making several ambitious movie projects has kept up with his weekly comic "Life in Hell". I will take his example and do webcomics on the side
- piano playing... I am very good at composing music. That skill will be handy for making movies but that is a ways into the future. Maybe if I publish my music on the internet, someone might hire me to compose movie or TV scores... It would look good on my filmography and might be a source of income. But really this is just an excuse for why I spend hours playing the piano simply because I really enjoy it.

In short, I am focused on raising animals with the shorter term goals of getting ready to build an energy self-sufficient building in which I will raise animals and even shorter term, get a university degree while I gather assets in this rental house (rent-to-own). Even shorter term, get set up to live in a vehicle so I can be on location when I put energy systems in peoples houses for a summer job and live in the vehicle certain nights to attend morning classes at university. If theheretic is still reading this, an even smaller part of that is to make a small power system to keep my computer running 24/7 in my van... Such a system might be functional for servers but there are already great systems out there that these servers do not seem to bother using... Why would they use a system I design when they do not use industry built systems that have been sold for decades?
Ann Vole

Social software and focus on animals

I saw the term "social software" used in the context of Yahoo products of email groups, chat systems, and email. I am very much interested in such "social software" and of course, I have some ideas. Poor people in underdeveloped areas have trouble attaining an education due to them having to pay for it. Looking at the costs of text books and paying for teachers and buildings and the loss of family income from child labor (especially for orphans on their own), I figured it would be far more cost effective to have a rugged basic computer system that is powered by wind-up that has teaching software on it. If it can be solid state (all needed software built in or for it to be able transmit info wirelessly) then it can be made waterproof and dust proof and fairly shock proof to keep it working in the roughest of conditions. The social software will be the learning system and the means of converting such system to any language known to man. I have an idea on how to do that by having "web" pages that contain word meaning instead of actual words and then the "browser" will have a "plug in" for the desired language to view the pages in. Being that I am focused on raising rodents, my idea was to have an easy way to communicate with the animals in what ever language the humans want as well as be able to easily change and evolve the language for the hundreds of species of animals I want to have the computer develop languages for (using sounds that species makes and using "words" they use more often naturally for things instead of the words the computer assigned to that meaning) With such flexibility, the computers can even have a unique language for every individual animal as it decides what the default language should be for new individuals of that species. The whole "computers to teach stuff to the poor" is just an excuse... I really am just focused on the animals. Another idea I have is for an animated artificial intelligence character that can move around on web pages. My first prototype will be the real Ann Vole... A web page host. What I REALLY want to do is interact with real rodents with a computer animated version of the animal species and develop both a verbal and a sign-language version of their language... Hopefully this will maximize the possibility of animals of different species to communicate with each other even if they cannot make the same sounds. Video games can be very effective teaching tools if designed right (I learned fast typing way faster using the typing game software then the traditional "type this" software) If I want to teach animals to communicate, they will have to practice communicating with the computer via video games that the particular species (and even individual) prefers so a good variety of games needs to be available. Animal characters will be effective in such games and then I can extend such efforts to games for humans staring animals. I may seem interested in video game design but I am really focused on the animals. I think selling stuff on-line is the way to go and so I want to develop a system to sell pets using the computer. The customers can pick out an individual animal and maybe even interact with it on-line then have it delivered to a participating pet store (the pet store can then sell all the stuff for the animal but does not need to care for animals that may not sell). Maybe that is not really "social software" but you can see how my interest in software development is purely for the animals.