July 25th, 2007

Ann Vole

Scooter time

I am giving a bit of effort towards buying a moped-class scooter. Moped class means I do not need the special classification on my drivers licence needed to ride motorcycles. Light scooters are better then motorcycles for winter driving due to protection from wind and easier to control if they hit an icy spot (I could lift my Honda Spree I used to have off the ground with squeezing my knees together and standing up giving me complete control on pure ice). The new ones are advertising well over 100 miles to the gallon and I know I was getting that (over 100 MPG) with the older ones with a few efficiency things I did to the ones I had. My university has real cheap parking for motorcycles (about 12 times cheaper) and the parking stalls are much closer to the buildings. Insurance is close to nothing compared to a car or truck for moped class vehicles due to the small engine (49 cc), light weight (less then 50 kg or 100 lbs), and resulting limited speed (some areas require 50 km/h top speed...not here though). I should be able to add a mount for the scooter to my van.
Ann Vole

Two and a half veiws on unwanted pets

Most people take one of these views regarding unwanted pets: - They should be put down to end their lonely existence or - their life is sacred and any life is better then death. There are lots of cats needing homes and shelters put many to death around here to make room for more adoptable ones like kittens. I know of several owners of cats that are messing their futures due to having cats they love but cannot have for their future plans (like moving overseas) and cannot find alternate homes for them. A cat "retirement home" is an idea that has been done successfully in some places but the cost of caring for the cats is always a problem. I want to make facilities for raising rodents and I know from experience that airborne viruses from wild rodents can be deadly. Wildlife officials also have a big concern about rodents escaping breeding facilities and becoming pests or at least spreading disease to wild populations (even if you are raising germ-free laboratory rodents). If I am raising rodents for snake food too, feeding the cats dead rodents will be healthy for the cats (with supplements and certain plant matter) and have them all trained to think of rodents as tasty food. I can keep a wide area around the facility free of any wild rodents and assure officials that no rodent will escape into the wild, even if animal liberation crazy people do their best effort to let them loose. (I will also have underground facilities for several reasons making such a break-in impossible)

So, if I have room for thousands of cats to enjoy a happy healthy life ... Just with other cats instead of humans... Will that make other people to view them as disposable? Will people see this as a viable option or put their cats down anyways? Does that last question really matter... Is such a life a good one for the cats (they will have large treed areas to explore, heated/cooled sleeping quarters, food and water always available, fellow cats to make friends with... Just minimal human contact)?

Being that I want to treat my rodents the nicest way possible from birth to death, I have been studying possible ways to kill them in the best ways for the animals... They should never feel trauma or fear or pain... Yet their bodies must look good and be edible as snake food. With the best ways tested and available for a wide variety of rodents, I should also be able to use such methods for unwanted pets too. Providing either a retirement home or a humane death to the pet leaves the choice with the person... That is not a third way of viewing the issue but it is not one of the two options either... Only half a view
Ann Vole

Uninterupted power supplies for large networks

I was working yesterday about the time that several large networks in San Fransisco were disabled due to a massive power outage so I did not notice that LJ went down. I was quite surprised that they had no backup power planned for these large networks... and especially that most of these networks went down at the same time so they did not even have a few minutes of backup power. There are quite a number of possible scenarios that could leave the power disabled for most of North America without warning and keep it broken for a long time. This scares me that the information superhighway will also be shut down... just when we will need it the most (you can imagine how everyone with portable digital devices are going to be trying to get through). I have many ideas for electrical energy creation from stored energy in the form of pneumatic (pressurized air) and as large capacitors... I wonder if my ideas will be in demand for servers if I perfect such systems.