July 23rd, 2007

Ann Vole

The art of political and religious jam

The key to being a good artist or animator is to scribble. You have to have lots of loose lines to choose from for your final lines. The key to making good new music is to jam or play around with musical ideas without fear of making "mistakes". I think the key to new ideas and ways of thinking require a willingness to explore new and different old ideas on the subject... Everything has to be viewed with potential to be right and potential to be wrong and maybe, more importantly, to be partially true.

I was reading a book about Jung's life and ideas and it appears that he was willing to fully explore all religions as if they were right to be able to discover universal truths. I liken him to a suicide bomber... He was fearless about getting indoctrinated by the religions he explored as suicide bombers have no fear of being killed and thus he is able to get real close to the subject before dropping his bombshells on these religions. His efforts did reveal some interesting things about the mind in relation to beliefs. Political thinking is also improved if you do not pick a side but rather be open to any idea and judge the idea based on outcome rather then how close it matches the stance of a particular political movement.