July 20th, 2007

Ann Vole

Exercise wheels for different animals

I was watching You Tube and saw video of exotic cat species walking on very large exercise wheels. These cats were meowing while they walked so I had to look for more and was surprised at how many homemade cat-sized exercise wheels were on You Tube with cats using them... and most were meowing when walking... odd

I had seen several exercise wheels made for squirrels on those funny video shows so I tried to find some on You Tube but never found any. I made one for wild squirrels in Calgary and for the few days I had it up, the squirrels were using it (neighbors complained and I did not own the yard it was in... just the yard of a friend who was renting) and figured it would be cool to make a squirrel feeder with a built in exercise wheel and water dispenser. I might do that in the future if I raise squirrels for pets (so I can test and refine my designs with the animal it is designed for)

In my search for squirrel exercise wheels, I found wheels used by all sorts of animals including horses and elephants in giant wheels and lobsters in underwater hamster wheels. I have also seen several pet stores use hamster wheels for small birds like budgies but was surprised that I found no birds on wheels on You Tube.