July 12th, 2007

Ann Vole

Help happened but I didn't

My parents and brother helped me move a car a long distance and mow my lawn and some help getting a fuel oil tank out of my basement (did not complete the tank removal due to thinking the insurance company is silly to require that due to all the people with oil heating... Time to get a different insurance broker). I was mostly useless for the procedures due to tiredness and I did not help my brother with wall plastering either as I promised to do in return due to tiredness (both before and after). My brother was rather upset with me for not helping him and my parents seemed disappointed with my lack of mowing and not keeping the insurance going (by going to a different broker when they demanded something stupid). My record for keeping things neat and tidy has also been bad... So they want everything in my name instead of theirs... Well, that's OK with me too. I cannot go back to university if I am in this state though... I need to fix my health again. I have not been doing a
ll the things that have helped before though so there is high hopes that I can turn my health and my life around. Being beat up seems to have been the start of my down hill spiral out of health and happiness. I need some sort of kick to get in gear again... Maybe I can use this bad vibes from my bro and dad to get myself to change.