July 7th, 2007

Ann Vole

Perfection infection

When I was not very good at art, I was free to draw for fun but now I am learning how to do real good art, I feel like I am giving up on everything I draw because I know I can do so much better if I had the time. I can see some great technical shortcuts to get the high quality images I see in my head so I am waiting to get these things purchased and set up first. When I do get some of these things set up, I give them a try but they do not even match what I can do without the technology but that is only due to lack of practice... still, I stop drawing on those tools until I get time to practice (never).
Ann Vole

Giant bat puppets

I have gathered both materials and ideas to make some very large puppets to be used for visual reference for drawing bats in forced perspective (fish-eye lens effect). I also need to do the heads of the various bat characters for the three projects I will use them for (Nightlife webcomic, an animated movie idea, an interactive webcomic idea). I want to make the faces very detailed and animatable (easy to move face parts specific measurable distances and lock them in that spot). I figure they will have a 20 foot wing span and stand about 3 feet tall.

My cats are kept in my basement currently and I found a partially eaten bat on the stairs so the unfortunate bat must have gotten into the basement somehow. There is supposed to be only one species of bat in my area but this one looks rather big for that species.