July 2nd, 2007

Ann Vole

Furry angels

My dad was telling me a while back (last Christmas) of the people he had met that he was sure were actually angels. I told him of a few animals that I thought were actually angels including a couple that he remembers the incidents I described. We agreed that there was a good chance they were angels or otherwise controlled by God to save our lives.

I had a dream where a bunch of people were going to a "furry" convention ("furries" like anthropomorphic stuff) in a school bus when the bus went off a cliff to avoid an accident. We were waiting for the bus to hit the ground but all we could see out the windows were clouds and no crash happened. Suddenly the door opened and white robed people of different nationalities came on the bus and escorted each person out off the bus. They seemed to not have weight or any gravity pull but the passengers did. When outside the bus, it was clear we were in heaven and confirmed when we were told that it was time for our new bodies. Two people changed to younger versions of themselves with a bit better muscle tone. The third changed into a anthro-fox and the two angels beside her flew away... They did not have wings but they had no weight and just moved up and sideways at will. They did not seem to understand but out of the clouds came a bearded old-looking angel who said to the other angels..."'tis normal, aye? Ain't not'in to fear. You's be helpin' the others". He asked the fox-girl why she was a fox and she said "I thought I was a wolf but... This is so cool!"

The rest turned to humans except for an anthro badger guy who proceeded to sing the "badger,badger,badger...snake, mushroom" song and did the dance. I was the second last and I turned to a girl with long blond hair. I said "there must be a mistake" in a Marg Simpson voice then entertained myself doing all the voices I could not do as a male earthling. The last guy turned into a very large dragon and proceeded to fly off with the school bus in his arms.