June 6th, 2007

Ann Vole

Echoing Green and my idea for social change

I discovered this group for funding "social entrepreneurs"

They may be applicable funding to my ideas regarding social change organizations. I have a long way to go to be applicable I think so I copied their criterion and commented on how I could possible strive to become applicable

Applicant is an emerging social entrepreneur:
Demonstrated entrepreneurial characteristics

need to start my own businesses
Demonstrated leadership potential
need to be active in organizations with similar goals and subject areas
Strong passion and commitment for the program area in which they plan to work
with job work in the area and with website development on the subject and maybe other mediums
Intelligence and problem solving skills
should be demonstrated with my invention prototypes and buildings I build or alter
Practical skills (e.g., strategic, organizational
start a non-profit and be an active member of related organizations and start a business
Personal integrity
memberships to BBB and local Chamber of Commerce and develop a network of people in related industries due to my relationship as a contractor on their projects

Applicant's plan will result in a sustainable organization:
Clear and compelling mission and objectives

website development and possibly setting up and populating an internet community
Sound strategy and plan for program development and delivery
I have a franchise model idea for spreading cooperatives around the world for making and maintaining cooperatives as communities of self-sustaining buildings and lifestyles
Plan for evaluating success and performance
how many communities are created by this process will be a purely numerical way of measuring success but surveys and psychological before-and-after assessments of participants will help quantify the positive results such communities have on the participants
Plan for financial sustainability and growth
The franchises will be completely self sustaining and also pay out seed funds to create more such franchises and expertise to implement the new community cooperative
Existing support network
By working in the field, I hope to find or attract like-minded partners in this idea

Applicant can clearly articulate their vision for social change:
Seriousness of the social problem they will address

Low income housing and cheap food and lifestyle freedom from slavery to the job system (especially for those individuals who fail to integrate into the job force) - all serious issues applicable world-wide
Innovative idea and approach
I do not see neither my franchise approach nor my inventions anywhere on the internet nor in the alternate energy books nor the related social issues books
Potential for tangible impact to the beneficiary population
The entire world could benefit and especially places where high energy use is needed for comfort and safety
Potential for replication and growth
The franchise idea will make new communities spring up on a block-by-block basis throughout every city in an automatic way.
Potential for effecting systemic change (e.g., policy change, societal change, influence in their field
Brute-force change at the citizen level where suddenly people are independent of food and energy supplies and no longer needing to pay taxes due to no longer needing to work to live.