June 5th, 2007

Ann Vole

Needed: List of fictional and famous nonhumans

There used to be a good list in Wiki but it was eliminated for the most part because they would only list ones with there own entry on Wiki (and most characters were only listed in their fiction and most fictions were not considered "noteworthy"). There is still a nice resource made independently but it only lists some species and has not been updated for a few years (I will link to it here later). I think I might just have to create a Wiki for that one specific purpose (with content restricted to a certain number of characters of data in a specific set of data fields in a data base format). That way, people like me can add all the characters they want with minimal worry of undeserving entries (they will have to have some level of standards to being from a published source though but I will be easy as I will investigate entries before approving them or flagging them as suspicious or unsubstantiated or unpublished). I think I will even allow personal avatars people might use due to the many times I was looking for a specific character only to find out it was a personal avatar instead of a fictional character... I still want to find them and see more or contact the owner or artist. Reference material is what I am looking for and I am perfectly able to decide if the item is worth looking into if there are the right indicator information fields to look at (like avatar link list... that might include everyone that goes by the avatar species of "fox" or the avatar name of "Stitch" for examples). I was thinking of making such a resource long before the internet even came into existence so it is close to my heart to make it... I was just waiting for someone else to do the work for me but with Wiki technology, I can get a community of like-minded people to contribute info and use computer bots to gather info automatically for me to approve with minimal effort.