June 3rd, 2007

Ann Vole

Geek fiction ideas

I know the kind of books I would buy (new ones and without hesitation) and I rarely see them but these are some ideas I will present that may give you an idea what I am talking about (some based on a book I saw in a dream... and bought it):

- books should have appendixes with formulas, tables, facts, glossaries, and of course an index

- all through the book there should be reference notes, cross-references, subtexts, illustrations, margin notes.

- a solar powered scientific calculator that folds out from the cover (so it can be used while on any page) should be built in the cover.

- there should be a color photo section for the species included as well as biological fact sheets, maps, graphs, and microscope images.

- a good number of colored page markers built into the spline

- a pouch on the spline for storing pens and pencils and it would be cool if a multi-colored pen, highlighter, and mechanical pencil were included

- a space in the spline and a strap should be provided at the back for a replaceable note pad (and of course include a notepad)

- a usb port and a rom memory of stuff like animations and web links and maybe the same book in digital format would be cool

- a water-proof zipper and cover would be neat but it would have to be chemical spill resistant (and advertised as such