May 29th, 2007

Ann Vole

Baby shortage and robots

I am so worried about too many people on the globe so when I see an article about a shortage of babies, I have to read it. It seems that the government thinks we need to have a whole lot more people to keep industry making things. The numbers they throw out are several times the current immigration numbers so that is not a solution for their perceived problem. It seems that more and more women are going for higher education and careers instead of babies and it is showing up in massive school closures due to a lack of kids. They figure industry will suffer due to lack of workers but I see a completely different scenario... With a shortage of workers, wages go up and union memberships go down and robots are more likely to be cost effective. Once robotic systems are in place and payed off, the cost of making the product or providing the service goes down. Once workers are paid well, more will take the steps to start their own businesses and they will be healthier too... Both of those help a country's competitive advantages and income bracket (and tax levels). Less is good in this case! When robots came in, people were predicting massive unemployment but not so... We just switched from manufacturing jobs to service industry jobs and wages went up too. With the threat of lack of workers, I think we need more robots instead of more babies.
Ann Vole

Electronic birth control

One thought on why they think rich westerners are having fewer babies is that they are spending more time meeting friends online and with a cel phone... Kind of makes it harder for a guy to take advantage of the situation or for an excuse to go to the bar and buy girls a few drinks...

Another thing is attitudes toward women in the "post modern" world where it is not expected to have the standard family anymore. Watching TV shows that show dysfunctional single-parent situations show what can happen (and often does). With this reality in young people's minds and the threat of STDs, I am not surprised at less sex happening. Will the rest of the world follow suit if they too get the internet and cel phones and TV shows about single parent situations? Maybe my idea of getting more info in the hands of poor people will have the added effect of population control.