May 23rd, 2007

Ann Vole

Ann Vole is breaking up

I have too many interests to be effective as a blog of all them. My artistic interest are also varied as will be my art. I already have Ann Bat and so I will also get a third.

Ann Vole will be interested in rodents (no surprise as she named herself as one) and artificial intelligence (she will be an artificial intelligence program) and aliens (she will be the official author of my webcomic starring a pair of space aliens) and web development including multi language support (as that is her job as an artificial intelligence). Anything cute and anything to do with motherhood, pets or animal care will be her interests. Artistically interested in digital mediums and fractals, backgrounds and photo manipulation, computer generated images and animations,

Ann Bat will be my entertainment persona. She will be interested in webcomics, movies, movie making, animation, radio plays, flash, and story development. Male bats are "well endowed" you could say... so Ann Bat will be female due to keeping the drawings rated General Audience. Also Ann Vole will really be genderless as a computer program so Ann Bat will represent the female side of me a little better (if that is ever needed). Artistically Ann Bat loves funny stuff, anthropomorphic things ("furry"), cute things. Puppets, mascot design, animation puppets.

The third persona has yet to be named pending availability of the name (Ann Bat may change too based on availability). The third persona will be the male side of me and be a dragon or dragon-related mythical creature. This persona will be interested in religion, politics, myths, mythical creatures, death and immortality, and also alternate energy, self-sustainability (the politics of anarchy), raising alternate food items (greenhouse, algae, mushrooms, food animals like aquaculture), alternate housing designs (think of dragons in underground lairs) and living in a vehicle. Being that Ann used to be a guys name in the past (and dragons live very long times... almost immortal), his given name will also be Ann but he will be most assuredly be a male. Artistically he will be interested in, moody, dark, atmospheric, mythical, fantasy, realism, traditional mediums.