May 13th, 2007

Ann Vole

Killing a character with kindness

I am a big fan of rodents and rodent characters so it is no surprise that Master Splinter was my favorite character on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Splinter was gruff and looked quite unkempt and generally was very serious... Good qualities for a character with his past (including being a sewer rat). The new film version of the series, TMNT (2007), has a very different Splinter then the other movies and the cartoons. The new Splinter is incredibly cute, has a giddy grin much of the time, and the voice acting is not very convincing as the gruff, stern, commanding character that he is. Reading reviews of the film, some suggested that the voice actor would have been changed except the actor, Mako, died shortly after being announced as the chosen voice and he was kept out of respect for the dead. Mako did a kindly old oriental accented voice... To kind and gentle. I thought Splinter was rather killed by making him so nice and cute and actually rather beautiful... NOT Splinter as he was. Being fair to the deceased Mako, it might have been more honorable to not use his voice if they could not do retakes to do justice to the character because there were several places where I thought "I would have re-recorded Splinters lines in that shot" (without knowing anything about Mako at the time).
Ann Vole

Christ Redeemed God from matter too

Christ's death as the perfect payment for sins freed humanity from the physical world. We now can interact with the creator as a fellow spiritual being and can achieve immortality as a spiritual being. On the flip side, God was bound to only interact with humans on a physical basis due to the lack of spiritual connections but now that God became one of us (a human, the Christ) we now can become a spiritual being like God is. This frees God to be the omnipresent being... In our past and our futures, in every part of creation. Separation from God is through separation from the human existence of God in Christ.
Ann Vole

Rational thought not sensing or intuition but thinking and feeling

The difference between "lower" animals and the "smart" ones is their use of the rational part of our thinking. Rational thought as proposed by Jung (psycho-analyst theory guy) encompassed "thinking" and "feeling" and irrational thought encompassed "intuition" and "sensing". Microorganisms and plants can sense light and use instincts in the form of chemical reactions to respond accordingly... No brain is needed but only sensing the world and intuition to do the right things in the absence of sensations. Brains are only needed when the species needs variation in the response to the same stimuli to improve the reproductive ability of the species (including surviving and being healthy long enough to reproduce). Emotions like love ("feeling") can insure fidelity of mates and add partners for care of young and thinking can add opportunities that instincts would not anticipate but for the most part I think it is the random element that is used to keep predators and a food's defenses from successfully foiling the animal with senses or instincts. With this rational thought, unpredictable results can happen.

With science, predictable results are the key to validating theories. When brains or other randomizing factors are involved, statistics are used to make formulas to predict the average responses or the chance of unusual responses occurring. Energy in it's many forms is almost always predictable and thus follows strict formulas. What if energy gained rational thought? You can expect the unexpected to happen and for formulas to be mostly meaningless. At the same time, generalizations, statistical bell curves and chances can be formulated. I think spiritual beings may be pure energy and lacking a physical existence but they clearly have the random element to them. Supernatural events are really where natural laws no longer follow the predictable aspects of senses and intuition. I think spiritual beings like angels may be this sort of thing, a non-physical being with the abilities of rational thought.

Thinking and sensing are based on the physical world and logic but feeling and intuition are based on non-physical things like relationships. Sensing and intuition are based on interactions with the world (either spiritual world or physical world) but thinking and feeling are self generated based on the senses or intuitions.
Ann Vole

My vision of what Ann Vole the computer program will be

My vision of what Ann Vole the computer program will be:
As a habitual researcher, there are a bunch of procedures I would like to do at high speed that would find and evaluate web pages and content in stored files to collect a bunch of sentences that are most likely to be what I am looking for. With me highlighting of the most interesting parts, the program can make a new more relevant list. If I can make her to be a sprite-like image that can move about on the computer screen and point out interesting sentences or images and ask if they are what I am looking for. With voice recognition and computer generated voice, we can have a conversation on the subject with Ann Vole the program finding relevant materials from any available source and then opening and displaying the materials (text, images, programming) in the appropriate software and arranged in a logical pattern on the screen. Having an interactive session with the search software in the form of a character walking on your screen should help make everybody to be superb researchers. Teaching language, interpreting, and doing sign languages and other such "tools" will be added functions of the program. Artificial intelligence will help second-guess what the particular user really wants and how to display the tools and data on the screen. Being interactive and cute will add entertainment value too. If the Artificial Intelligence is advanced enough, she could even read and act out stories with humor and even multiple characters on the screen acting out the story. Personal extra use I am thinking of is interacting with real animals if computer generated animal voice and voice recognition can be matched with a language the animals know. That last use is the main reason I want to write such a program but the interactive web page host idea is the sort of thing that could make for a new internet sensation that changes society and starts dot com success stories.