May 2nd, 2007

Ann Vole

Limits of time travel and mimzy

I just watched "The Last Mimzy" and ...

(mild spoiler alert) it says that living tissue cannot travel through time with their time travel machine (so they send toys with artificial intelligence instead)

(end of spoiler alert)

I was thinking the same thing but even further that it is likely impossible for physical matter to traverse time backwards. To achieve time travel, one must instead send information to the past. People who seem to be able to predict the future or communicate with the deceased will be doing the movement of information to the past. I think the spirit world is likely not physical like ours to allow for movement of information (and beings who do not have a physical existence) back and fourth through time. Jesus suggested that the afterlife was indeed not the same as our physical life when he said that there was no eating, sleeping, marriage, and maybe even no genders (depends how you interpret the wording). I like to think that heaven and the spiritual world are not physical in the same way our existence is in terms of made up of molecules.

An alternative to actually changing time periods, if you change the progress of mankind in the past, your current existence can be changed. The only problem is because of that change, your existence can cease to be or if you do exist still, you have grown up in the new version of the past's future so you will have no memory of what you did to affect the past.
Ann Vole

A new way of delivering entertainment

In a "Mad Max" sort of future (which some people think will happen soon due to skyrocketing energy prices), one of the things that could save your life is entertainment due to not needing to leave your home and also from going crazy due to "cabin fever" from lack of entertainment. This got me to thinking of video games and animated TV series... Why not make an animated series that is composed of instructions on how to make the characters and voice them and move them around. This could make it possible to put many hours of animated entertainment on one disk, and possibly hundreds of hours. The drivers could then also be used to make your own versions of the show using those characters with their voices and everything. Such "fan" animations could be shared with small files (just the scripts and movement instructions) to others who like that show.
Ann Vole

Living on the financial edge kills societies

It does not seem to matter how rich a country is, when a significant percentage of the population cannot get sufficient food, shelter, and energy, the civilization collapses from the bottom up. Without fail, every failed civilization seems to have the people become addicted to some advantage of society then that advantage disappears just when it is needed the most. People always blame other people instead of their addictions so civil unrest or oppressive leadership results causing the collapse. Right now, modern society is too reliant on energy, utilities and food distribution. We are also very addicted to money. It is predicted based on surveys that a vast majority of people in western society are one paycheck away from losing everything (job, home, utilities). I know all about this due to my past (I was part of the "working homeless" and I had mental and physical things that have kept me from working causing financial ruin several times in my life) and how hard it is to break that addiction (been trying to "get out" of the "rat race" for over 2 decades). I will have to guide the masses to this promised land of true independence once I prove the path is functional.