April 29th, 2007

Ann Vole

posting music

I will have to figure out how to post music and put a few minutes of music up every day. There are a few places I can post my music but they all have different advantages and disadvantages. I just signed up for My.SoundClick so my space there is:


I found that from this post:

I don't like they way they are organized and the web space address system is clumsy.

I have a MySpace account but I have not logged on for a while:


They seem to have a good way of protecting your songs with a streaming flash object

I have posted sound clips in my scraps section of DeviantArt:


They have to go into scraps and are treated like a picture instead of a music file or radio play.

I can post audio files as part of my daily webcomic that I would like to resume doing on a daily basis so I might do music or radio plays as part of my daily submission here:


This would complicate the update process and I wanted to do the comic from idea to posted complete art in 15 minutes so fiddling with audio clips would mess that daily-no-matter-how-busy-I-am thing the 15 minute time limit gives me.

I can post it on my own web space and post a link here in Livejournal but if there is something strange like thousands of people listening to one clip because someone embedded it as a link, it could shut down my account due to overuse.

I could also post things on YouTube. I have not set up an account yet but it is really for videos instead of just audio.

PS I just signed up for YouTube: