April 26th, 2007

Ann Vole

Stretching myself too thin?

I keep hearing people saying I am doing too many different things, that I am stretching myself too thin. I don't quite agree but rather am being like water... I would go for the path of least resistance but when things get in my way I have to take a different course of action. I want to make entertainment starring animal characters. It does not really matter what the media is (films, webcomics, children's books) but in order to do that, I need to not need to do anything else like working. I decided that the possibility of being a film director was not possible without loads of money or for digital technology to advance. Now much of the digital stuff is available but I need to make money somehow while I concentrate on filmmaking. I listed my favorite activities and tried to figure out how to make money with those activities. Playing the piano did not seem to have a path to make money (without luck or a music degree). Petting and training animals looked like a good possibility but only if I could raise them both ethically and cheaply and have a use for the unwanted animals so my goal became to raise animals as pets and any other use but only if I could do it in better ways then any of the operations I had visited. Making the ultimate facilities lead me to energy self sufficient buildings (also went there to hopefully eliminate utilities bills too so I needed to work less and concentrate on filmmaking). Making books and instructional videos is a natural extension of filmmaking activities and if I can do so with the stuff I am learning to make my facilities to raise animals in. So now I am looking at becoming a building inspector... Just to make people think I am able to do this self-sufficient building thing but I can make money doing that too. I am still wanting to raise animals and make films with them. I might drop the whole thing if I can make films starring animals cheaply using digital technology but I don't see that happening... So again it is back to raising animals and proving to people that I can make the facilities I envision... I will eventually make films starring animals but for now I have to keep plugging along with the animal raising option and try my hand at webcomics. Well, am I really unfocused or am I just not giving up on my very specific dream? Well, back to setting up my computer and such to make animation and webcomics while getting further towards building my animal facilities. I will make animal films one way or another.
Ann Vole

Lies to the point of craziness

I have a crazy tenant who truly believes he is not the one who massed up his apartment. It is a case of him believing his own lies. The tenant I kicked out for his damage to his apartment exceeding the damage deposit by a wide margin, has a lie in every sentence he says. He knows they are lies but for some reason he feels he has to tell me of them. Both these people have their lives ripped apart because of these lies and the resulting hate others have for them. I am trying to be helpful to them but they do not follow through with anything the promise... All lies. Of course I am the nice ever-forgiving person and they recognize that... I will not change and I will not lie nor will I accuse them. They have both asked me to lie for them though which I will not do. Truth is always the best policy. Mark Twain said that telling the truth was easier because you don't have to remember anything. I think the problem goes further because you start believing your lies and you then blur the lines between reality and fiction causing you to distrust reality... You go crazy.