April 25th, 2007

Ann Vole

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Here is a response I sent to someone's email

"You should read the Argentina article"

interesting info but not too new for me. I found the part where this person says that if they had time to prepare, they would buy food, books/paper, and entertainment. The water issue was not emphasized enough but mentioned... you need to have water stored and water treatment and gathering systems ready.

"You mentioned writing. What do you write?"
I have dozens of thousands of story ideas. I hope to be a film maker and a children's book writer/illustrator and an adult-orientated graphic-novel-style webcomic creator but for the short term, making instructional videos and web pages on making alternate energy stuff will be starting projects. My key is making stuff with animals as the main characters so animal actors and animation are the key parts of my stories.

"Presumably you don't own a car"
I have 9 vehicles: 4 broken Toyota Tercel cars with the same engine and two are All Wheel Drive, a school bus to be converted into a motor home/ heated garage on wheels, two broken north-American gas guzzler cars, my Ford van (only one that is plated), and my joint ownership with a pickup truck with my brother.

"Do you weld?"
I have done some farm equipment repair welding and everyone seems impressed with he quality of the welds. I plan to buy some welders of different types for use in building some of my ideas but I do prefer to use bolts and other methods instead of welding as I really love machining parts and to have the parts removable so if the equipment breaks down in very cold weather, you can unbolt the part and take it indoors to fix it.

"How far along are you in your design degree? Are you studying mechanical engineering?"
My educational goals are aimed at one thing... to make the ultimate facility to raise my animal actors in... I need a small bit of biology, anatomy, biochemistry, and computer tech for the animal care part, robotics, programming and biometrics for the computer-aided animal training stuff, and physical chemistry (to design heat pumps), various architectural and structural engineering stuff, controls, and electronics to make the energy-self-sufficient buildings (if the power fails and you have several million small animals needing air and such... moving them is not an option so the energy systems must never fail and be triple redundant systems). I have taken 3 semesters where all the courses are applicable to getting an Industrial Engineering degree instead of the biology degree I was aiming for but the industrial engineering degree will allow me to take all those other courses I want and still have them count towards the one degree. I will take computer courses by correspondence through a recognized university (University of Athabasca)

"Is Regina the right place to be for this goal?"
I can live here for free and I will be gaining a million dollars worth of asset value at the same time... it is an awesome opportunity that I only got due to my parents being desperate to leave Regina and Saskatchewan. I also have my place in the ghost town that I can turn into facilities over the next few years. Even if I don't rent the suites, I will be making money due to housing prices going up by 20% last year and expected to continue to raise for a few years... after that, moving elsewhere is obvious once I sell the place and have my degree.

"Is this job, which has already injured you, the right place to be?"
I assume you mean working night-shifts at a convenience store? well it is not optimum but it does have a dental plan so I can get my teeth and health fixed before I switch to my own contractor business installing energy self-sufficient systems for people and later for building my own facilities (work as a contracting company for my own other company that runs the animal raising part). For now, this is the best option for me as I can do the gas station work and still be a student and the benefits are being maxed out fixing my teeth. Along the way, I am gaining valuable experience in real-life security issues so I am better prepared. I will have to get doing my business as soon as possible though so I only have to work in the summers as a contractor and the rest of the year I can concentrate on being a student 100% of the time.
Ann Vole

Reply to theheretic's reply to my last post

Eddie Paul's name was quite familiar to me because of the animatronics but am pleasantly surprised at the diversity of his inventiveness. Many inventors of alternate energy stuff have died mysteriously or were bought out at a high price and the projects abandoned. Eddie Paul has the fame and the media backing and the financial independence to keep him safe from such efforts to prevent mankind's dependence on oil and energy. That engine design of his and the car in production should make a positive impact.

"Do you know CAD (or Edge) to design your parts or do you just wing it?"
well, most of my inventions are too simple mechanically to need much more then a simple CAD drawing (if that) and mostly I am hoping when it comes to making prototypes that I can use off-the-shelf parts already made.

I am not sure if I need a machine shop for anything but fun... if I am serious about a prototype part, I will get the services of a CAD expert and machinist... Getting university and tech. collage students to make the various parts in different locations has worked for some inventors to keep the whole project a secret where designs and locations are broken up and very hard to trace or influence by some sort of hostile third party.

"Be sure and give some thought to protecting yourself from lawsuits for any designs you make, as SOMEONE will sue you over it, even if its free."
Noted! I talked to many intellectual property experts and inventors and book lawyers to have a few good ideas to keep me out of hot water while disclosing ideas to the world. One thing to remember though is that most of my "ideas" are just recombinations of other people's ideas and many of those people am copying are lost in history so anybody trying to sue me for such ideas will up against historical evidence that the various parts have already been invented hundreds or thousands of years ago.

"Assuming you ramp up to owning this place and sell it, and that a housing crash doesn't hit your neighborhood in Regina like it will most everywhere else which isn't true city (suburbs will almost certainly tank in the USA), where will you go?"
I do not put all my eggs in one basket! I have a house in the country that I own (ghost town), I have this rental suite thing for gaining financial assets, I plan to buy some property outside of Regina to raise the animals on due to the advantages of being close to the university. I plan to gain duel citizenship and acquire property in the USA so I can gain USDA breeder status for sale of animals to pet stores and so I have more options for raising unusual animals that may not be allowed in other areas (like Canada in general) With robotic and automatic systems, I only have to have a few animal loving minimum wage people to watch over the systems and call repair experts if problems happen... again I want to not put my eggs in one basket so I want lots of real small facilities all over the world rather then one big place to be a target that would throw all my plans in one blow. Being a franchise sort of thing is also the advantage of not having a paper trail to me personally... I am just a customer looking for animal actors... who happens to have helped this person land a nice job raising animals and working for themselves. Personally, I really love living in vehicles so as a contractor of alternate energy stuff, I am at the site of my customer's construction and then as an animal actor trainer and filmmaker of wildlife (and tame animals posing as wildlife), living in a vehicle is the way to go. My most prized possessions will be my films, books, and other media I have created so those non-physical things cannot be stolen and I do not need to protect them. Same goes for the vehicle I will be living in... it has to have everything built in (nothing to steal) and I want to own several (not putting my eggs in one basket and also it is nice to keep any one trying to track me down to be guessing what I am driving). As for capital gains and such, I will likely make a private sale on a rent-to-own basis so I simply have income but I can refinance the place for a little start-up capital if I need it. The main point is for the asset base to be used for getting NEW unrelated loans for land and buildings and start-up capital (although if I am helping someone else set up a franchise... I do not need any financial connections or assets... that is the franchise manager's problem). My goal is just to have the animal actor raising facilities to exist and be designed my way... I do not need to own them per se and actually I would very much prefer to NOT own them personally. They systems should be automatic so the manpower needed to run the facility is minimal (with a vet-tech person or veterinarian as the primary employee or owner). Underground buildings are key to many aspects of my design which makes for great security (some nut-case might try shooting up the place or burn it down or release the animals... not very easy when it is under several feet of dirt and bushes)