April 22nd, 2007

Ann Vole

Stuck in hell but this $h!t is good for character growth

Last night another suite was trashed and another time the yard was filled with garbage and another night the police made a call to the building and another day I will be washing blood off of walls and doors. I am sick of all this and want out but... I have to stick with the plan and keep being a rent-to-own landlord. I will learn better how to NOT trust anyone and how to assume the worst will happen and just deal with it. Yes, I will be building my character (cynical angery a$$ hole) and will be able to make my stories more believable (and depressing). Well, maybe this welling anger about the world in general might kick my butt into doing things double-time without a care for anything but getting the job done fast.
Ann Vole

Sexual equality and crime

There are two things I have been told about selecting tenants repeatedly by different people: don't rent to couples and don't rent to native people. Being that I am opposed to racism, I rejected the second criteria but as a single person, I have no problem discriminating against people who chose to have a partner. Based on experience, the problem with couples is always connected with domestic violence. Domestic violence is from one of two situations: jealousy due to someone cheating on the relationship, or the partner's gender being considered property instead of a equal person and often that involves violence just for the sake of letting them know who is boss. The first of those two is also considering the person as an object to be owned (or stolen). My recent experiences are two examples of bad tenants due to treating females as objects. Both cases are native tenants and both the guys specifically said something in general conversation (prior to problems) to indicate that they consider females to be objects of a lower class. By what I have read of native culture before White-man came and influenced things, it seems that most of the cultures placed a high regard to females and even gave females most of the power and decision-making. This does not seem to be the current way of thinking and I think that is the real problem. My previous bad tenants who trashed the apartments are all connected with their female partners being abused and include non-natives so as far as I am concerned it is not a native issue but simply a bad attitude toward another group of people (females in particular). The only exception to this is my crazy tenant. He has shown though that he has a deep hatred and mis-trust of a whole bunch of groups of people and due to his anger and self-created "mistreatment" by these groups is what makes him snap sometimes into rants. It is still always connected to considering some group of people to be less worthy of being humans. I work nights in the drug center part of town and so I know who is likely a drug dealer and how they think of the world by talking to them as customers. The successful long term dealers never use the stuff themselves but look at their users as purely objects... Not even worth life but for being continued source of money. People that rob the stores (both shoplifters and caught armed robbers) demonstrate that they have a very low opinion of anybody who owns a business. A low value of other types of people is also central to the atrocities of history: Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein, different parts of Africa with killings, Cambodia, you name the event and I can point out the discrimination...even responses after natural disasters. I think I will have to have a conversation with potential tenants and look for bad attitudes towards other people, especially females for my tenants.