April 17th, 2007

Ann Vole

I may not be front page but the issues are

My dad was angry that a violent home invasion was not front page news in Saskatchewan where it would be in Calgary. Well the next day's two top front page items were gang related violence and killing and an article on the shortage of doctors (the hospital had one doctor on for the busiest night they had this year and for two hospitals so they bumped me up the list because they could not do successful stitches if they waited longer then 8 hours - how long I waited). While my particulars are just a drop in the hat for the crime-capital of Canada, the issues are on the news. The politicians may be starting to figure out that there is a fundamental mistake in their general way of thinking... Prosperity comes from security and security comes from a well paid and well trained police force with enough numbers to be the eyes and consciousness of the people.
Ann Vole

Employees are like customers

Employees are like customers but instead of paying with money, they pay with good attitude and work ethic and company loyalty and the product these customers get are good wage, job security, sense of a job well done, comradeship with fellow workers, benefits or unions to get those benefits. Just like a contractor, businesses can only employ so many people and contractors can only do so many projects per year. Because of this, the good businesses and good contractors have the option to be picky which customers or employees they can serve their higher quality product to. If you want the best employees, treat them like valued customers they are. If you are a publicly funded institution, you have to treat your manpower with the same customer service attitude if you want the best and most efficient and most loyal people. The treatment of police is what was on the back of my mind when I thought of this. In Calgary, they have one of the best training facilities, loads of officer fun things like hosting several of the police Olympics, they are one of the best paid and have very good benefits. The have to reject over 95 percent of valid applicants to their positions and have years of waiting lists to get into their training facilities. In Regina, they are the lowest paid, they were ignored by city council for over a decade of slow-down strike action and never got a raise. They have a high rate of turn-over as people find policing jobs elsewhere and they are on a continuous recruiting drive for new recruits. They are not treated like valued customers and so they carry a low level of commitment to the job. The same goes for doctors... They are the lowest paid in Canada yet get the highest annual wage in Canada due to how hard they work these doctors. They are not treated as valuable customers and so they go elsewhere. In this case I will even say it has nothing to do with budgets because it costs the province the same amount no matter how many doctors are employed because Canada's health care system pays the same per case... The difference is how the doctors are treated and the moral aspect of not paying the full amount of the provinces portion of the bills... The province just does not seem to care for the doctors as valued customers.