April 7th, 2007

Ann Vole

a flash facial expression program... easy first step to a real "Ann Vole"

My idea of Ann Vole, the computer program, is an animated sprite-like image that can interact with the internet web pages as if she were inside your computer screen and that screen was touch sensitive for her. I want her to have access to facial expressions and body language and to be able to navigate the internet the same as humans. She can "see" what the user is interested in and do smart internet searches to find things that may be of interest and open them in a new window or tab and maybe to highlight the important parts on these pages. Here is a facial expression program that works with java and may be a good start to making a real "Ann Vole" program. My idea is that the script would be running on my index page but using the visitor's computer resources. This would be a great draw to have people keeping my site on an open page so they can used "Ann Vole" to help them with internet information searches or other things like language translation, web page design, and just plain interactive fun with a computer image that moves on her own around your computer (within the open pages of the browser that has my index page open somewhere).

Here is the facial expression program: