April 4th, 2007

Ann Vole

Dutch kinderprograma (childern's tv show) dream B4i4get

Before I fell asleap, I was looking at some Dutch children's tv shows while looking for more info on the show Bolke de Beer, a childeren's tv show based on a book that has a catchy theme song and a storyline concept that sounds a lot like "Bongo" (both are circus bears who escape and join wild bears with the accompanying culture clashes). It is interesting then that I wake up to this dream (and I really like the idea for the show in this dream).

I was looking to get help to set up a Canadian-made childeren's show (about animals of course) and ended up tracking down the key person helping the Dr Snuggles children's entertainment franchise get back into full swing and set out to meet him but I had to go to Sweden to meet him because he was helping some dutch TV show idea to get aproval. He was wearing a red T-shirt with the Dr Snuggles image (show name, Dr S, Dennis, and Nobby exploding out of the space ship with extreme foreshortening). The producer, director, and music director were dressed up as viking gods and arguing in Dutch to show their script for one of their shows infront of the panel of European Union tv show aproval and ratings board. This guy with the Dr. S shirt, translates each line into three languages (English, German, Russian) and acts the parts too and adds comments as he feels needed. The show features three Norse gods who are trying to advance civilization among the various beings on Earth with subtle use of their supernatural powers. They also represent the three parts of human souls (identity, ego, relationship) and as such are always arguing the merrits of the various possible ways to better the lives if the humans/anthro animals.