March 28th, 2007

Ann Vole

Death for Christmas dream B4i4get

I was dreaming I was making - then just watching - a fully animated full colour version of the characters from webcomic "Jack". One of the characters (fairly far into the story but I have already forgotten the first 90%) was telling another (who was a clerk in a small town general store) that he wanted to pray for some family's young kid who was too sick to attend the Christmas eve festivities of the community (after buying a present for some other kid but I have forgotten that part). The store clerk character said "yes, we can do something for her right now" then we look into that clerk's eye to see a glow and subtle flash. I was thinking "no, don't kill off the kid" but yes, the clerk was some sort of angel of death and the kid wispers "bye Mommy" and goes limp in her mother's arms. After a brief prayer, the clerk character says "I'll personally send a gift to the family, I know just what they need for her." "Thank you, I'd hate to see lack of Christmas spirit in anyone's life this season."