March 25th, 2007

Ann Vole

Just energy housing university - new goal

I have been taking courses to get official certification that I know what I am doing regarding heating and ventilation systems. I really want to take a course to say I know how to build energy self-sufficient buildings but such a certification does not exist. These companies are for-profit small businesses that are doing quite well. I think I should do exactly the same thing as they have but for energy-self-sufficient design. I was going to make the educational materials (books, websites, software, educational video) anyways but now the product will be certification courses instead of just the materials. If I can make it international like IGSHPA (International Ground Source Heat Pump Association - I am certified as a heat pump installer with them), then I should be able to extend the business as a franchise around the world the same way IGSHPA does with it's instructors as the small husband and wife company that did the actual training has done.

Another thing entered my head at the same time, the best way to teach these courses is on-line and in a 3D environment where a large variety of houses can be looked at and seen in the process of being constructed too. Some universities are already using virtual 3D environments like Second Life to teach classes so the path has been paved for me in this idea. I think actual buildings need to be made too but they are not as important because every area in the world and indeed, every single house customer will require a unique building design so any real-life example building will be of limited usefulness where a virtual building can be redesigned many times with time being the only expense and each version can be saved and instantly rebuilt to any point if needed. I will continue this livejournal for now but it may end up moving onto Second Life or to be connected with Second Life in an integral way so I can make and show ideas in a 3D environment. The production of entertainment forms will also be front and central due to the advantages of those forms in the educational experience and the look of professionalism in the course materials. Music composition, animation (especially within a 3D space), narration and voice acting, and interactive environments like Flash mini-games will all be explored by me in the near future with the goal of creating superior educational materials.

For names, I still like using the Bible for inspiration. When changing old evil ingrained ways of the Israelites, Elijah was to anoint three people to do the job, Hazael as king of Syria, Jehu as king over Israel, and Elisha as Elijah's successor. Elisha did things by working ideas and changing people's attitudes but Jehu was a hands-on sort of guy who did things by himself with brute force. I figured "Jehu" could be the name (as an acronym) for the means of teaching contractors directly how to go forth and build houses and renovate houses to be energy-self-sufficient. Elisha's Oil Ideas will be my personal contractor company where I can explore one particular set of ideas regarding how people in my area can choose to make energy-self-sufficient buildings. "Jehu" could be an acronym for things like:
Just Energy Housing University
Journeymen of Energy for Housing University

Edit: Jehu is known to drive his chariot like a madman. Likely the only bad driver mentioned in ancient texts. Maybe Hazael would be a better choice for an acronym with "Zero Added Energy" for the "zae" part
Ann Vole

komodo dragon and kimono dragon

I want to do an image someday of a komodo dragon in a kimono robe just for the pun's sake. I did an image google and only found kimonos with dragon images in the fabric so I think I am safe to say my idea is not copied from someone else's brain.