March 21st, 2007

Ann Vole

Dueling Disney writers and orphaned Tinkerbell dream B4i4get

I rather overweight self-proclaimed scientist lived in this small very old town in the prairies. He looked and sounded like the actor that originally gave Disney's Winnie the Poo his voice and was a long term live actor for Disney. His house had a pair of pixies living in his place who just gave birth to a girl pixie (human sized but only some people can see her she did not know how to use her wings though). One of his expeiments went wrong (attempting to create a rift in time and space) and he blew up his house and killed the adult pixies (who he did not know existed) and ended up in the hospital with his face bandaged up due to burns. The orphined pixie was bonded to him as he was the only living being around when she became orphined so now he could see her but being all bandaged up, he could not say anything and was going rather nuts in the head from seeing this ghost-like winged girl constantly asking him where he sent her parrents with his explosion. In the mean time his two neighbors were both writers for Disney shows who knew each other by names in credits but did not know they lived only a few feet away from each other. This pixie could show up in the dreams of these two and suddenly both of them were coming up with story ideas and were all excited and would tell their ideas over the phone to people while the pixie listened to those ideas. She would then ask the scientist questions about their stories (driving him even more nuts) and would go out and try to do the things in the story the young orphined girl would do in these writer's story ideas (and what story did not have an orphined female character in it?). One story had the orphin attach a message to the side of a train and an orphined hobo would find it and they would get together... love story. The orphined pixie did not know how to write so set out to tie a tube of toothpaist (writing on it and was in the scientists room and unused as the scientist was all bandaged up. The missing toothpaste tube was proof of her existance but the nurses still could not understand the raving of the crazy scientist guy with bandages all over and broken limbs in casts and suspended even when the replaced his face bandages. The pixie girl was trying to find a place to tie the toothpaste tube to the modern light-rail transit train that brought people to and from the near by city (but the train platform was the same wooden one that had been there since the old west). The guy writer could see the toothpaste tube floating around as he was getting on the train to take his manuscript to be copied and mailed (no services in the small town as the city is only a few minutes ride away). The female writer could see the pixie but only as a nakid young girl... They meet eachother looking out the same window on the same train heading out with fresh movie manuscripts. (the guy had the hobo story, the female writer wrote cartoon ideas... This idea was the life-history of Tinkerbell). The train pulls out with a tube of toothpaste dangling from the hand-railing on the folding doors of the white plastic-coated modern transit train.
Ann Vole

account of my adventures taking my 4th HRAI course in Winnipeg

I went to my church to play the piano before I left and realized there was a "light rock" service. Not a single member of the regular band members that do the music for the service were there but instead the music paster played the piano and someone I have never seen before played a set of digital drums. After the service, I had to play the piano instead of taking a snooze before driving the 5-6 hours to Winnipeg. Of course I fell asleap at the piano and was going to be late for the course at 8:30 AM (it was about 5 AM when I left the city).

Someone suggested I read the series of books starting with "Dealing with Dragons" and so I had the audeo-cassette read aloud version from the library but only my vehicles have cassette players that work. I did not trust the vehicle's cassette players to not eat the cassette tapes so I took a collection of Rudyard Kipling stories on cassette that I bought from library discard to test it first. In Saskatchewan, there are long stretches where there are no radio stations available (I should get a satalite radio) so playing cassettes proved to be a great thing.

About an hour into the trip, flying down the highway at about 140 miles an hour, I heard a odd noise then the engine sounded different. The guy who was following me pulled up beside me and indicated to stop. He said "I think you blew a rad hose" but looking at the puddle of oil, under the oil-coated engine showed otherwise. He drove me into the town about 3 miles back and found that everywhere opened at 8 AM but I got to telling him about my plans for alternate energy buildings and why my ideas will be better and cheaper then the 55 grand he was quoted to have a heat pump system put in his place. Finally a place opened 10 minutes early and we found out who was the only place with a tow truck. I told the guy I was good for him to be on his way. The guy was working alone until 8:30 so I would have to wait before he could tow me. The Greyhound (actually, it is the government owned Saskatchewan Transportation but it is just a way to force Greyhound to supply service to every community) back to Regina would leave at 4:45 PM but the one heading to Winnipeg would leave at 8:50 AM. By the time we got the car back to the service bay, it was 8:50 so we decided to see if the car had something simple like the oil filter falling off. Instead, right beside the oil filter, was a fist-sized triangle of the engine block missing where it is bolted to the oil pan. The engine is garbage and the car has too many miles (almost 400 grand) to be worth putting another engine in it.

I got a ride to Regina from a guy who needs kidney dialysis 3 times a week and got my van emptied and fueled up and back to my car by Noon so I figured I would take the course anyways as long as I got the message for them to leave the manual for me to read overnight. Due to an accident on the road (rolled fuel tanker) and a few slow drivers on the 2 lane section (too busy to pass safely) and quite a few police cars (to stop me from considering speeding) I finally arived at 5:30 PM but the place closes at 5. They had the manual leaning against the door though. I went to a 24 hour MacDonalds to read the manual but fell asleap and was asked to leave when they woke me. The manager at Tim Hortons also caught me napping latter that night (after a snooze in my van and 150 pages of boring stuff I already know) but she asked me my situation and after telling her, she left me to read some more. ( I did have several cups and food wrappers around me so I was a customer)

The course was real easy and no troubles until I got back to my car with a gas siphon hose (with pump to get it going). It started raining very hard (and the ground is mosty frozen and covered with snow) I did not want to siphon gas in the heavy rain and the slick clay dirt where my car was parked almost got my van stuck. I wanted to go to my house in Colfax too and bring a load of stuff but those roads get very slippery when wet due to the high-clay soil there too. I had to drive very slow all the way back because there was no way to tell if I was seeing black ice or water puddles.