March 19th, 2007

Ann Vole

Pay as you go motel

I am sure something like this already exists but in a dream of mine someone told me "everyone uses the "pay 'n' go" when they visit" (some sort of music training university)... I jump to the place... Using a credit card, debit card, or cash in bills put into a machine, I rented a room without anyone being there. In the room, absolutely everything required payment via the card key (that was loaded automatically as you used it when using a credit card). The foam for the bed, the sheets and bankets, tiolet paper dispensor and toilet lid (flushed automatically when lid was closed again) food dispensors, microwave, TV, thermostat adjustment... Everything was paid by the card. If you did not return the items like blankets to the laundry shoot, and dispensed food wrappers to the garbage, it would tell you that you will be charged for cleaning the place. A camera attached to a computer would highlite in red on the black and white image of the room anything it percieved as different from a clean room and thus what might cause you to lose part of your deposit for cleaning.
Ann Vole

Rat race restauraunt

I had a dream where I was helping set up a bunch of mazes and toys for litter-trained pet rats (not wild coloured fur but all different markings and fur colors). These rats would be playing aginst the walls with a double layer of floor-to-ceiling plastic glazing (like plexiglass). This was put in the space vacated by that KFC/Taco Bell in NYC that was on the news for having rats running around at night. Inside in the middle was the chefs' area with, again floor-to-ceiling plastic glazing with food in bins above the heads. The restaurant only sold vagan, organic food and was to be open 24 hours. There were tables and chairs attached to the ceiling so the floor was easy to clean (and no way for rats to get on them). With the rats completely enclosed with a care-taker hallway along the outside wall with live-catch traps to confirm that no wild rats get in and no pet rats get out, there I absolutely no way for wild rats to get in (and then there is the chefs' enclosure). All areas had separate air handling systems so it could be aproved to also allow smoking in one side. Stir-fry vegan fast food was the favorite food of the short Budist owner from Bangledesh and he had been a monk for a while in the rat-temple in India... He loved rats. He heard about me from other projects I did (in my dreams) with rodents on public display (generally in Dr office waiting rooms and such instead of fish tanks).