March 10th, 2007

Ann Vole

Eternal vs non-temporal state

Steven Hawkings (the genius guy who writes books by blinking due to a nerve disorder) said that the universe was finite but not confined to the dimention of time. This shows the subtle difference between "eternal" and "non-temporal" or not being subject to the dimention of time. The question of what God did for the eternity before creating the universe is always a hard one to answer but nowhere does is say God is really eternal, only that he created this world. If you are not bound by time then you do not need to actually be around when it is rather boring (when nothing existed) so the creation shows where God may choose to be but is not bound to be... Time is not a factor. If you define a line in space, you could say it goes on for infinity but I say it only goes as far as it is known and not bound by the other dimentions of space... It just exists as far as it is needed. Now if you did not know the line exists then, for you, it does not exist. Its existance is created and destroyed simply by the knowledge of it's existance. Us here on earth are only physically around for a few decades but for a being like God, we could exist for all of time simply by being known by a being that is not bound by time... Where ever God is, those that He knows also exist. We may have an alternate existance in physical form if the creator so chooses. As for those who are forgotten by God... they will only exist when they had physical beings and while remembered by others. If their existance is just as a bad memory, that is a form of "eternal damnation".