March 8th, 2007

Ann Vole

conciousness is a wild animal living in a brain-world

Reading the book "Jung for beginners" (Hyde and McGuinness 92) I found this "conversation" interesting:

"Your saying that my thoughts are not my own?"
"Of course they're not. You treat thoughts as if you'd generated them yourself, but thoughts are like animals in a forest..."

I was facinated with the world that Max Headroom would live in. For those who don't know who Max is, there was a TV show about a reporter in a futuristic world. Someone was trying to kill him so he was fleeing for his life on a motorcycle when he ran head-first into a sign that stated the maximum headroom for the underground parkway he was fleeing from. A super-genius kid figured out how to copy the contents of his brain onto a computer because they feared he would die any minute and wanted to find out who was after him and other such stuff if he did not make it or had memory loss. They used the internet (was not called that yet) to store this copy of his brain because of the size of the information. This information came alive and the first thing he could say (as a digital head on the computer monitor) was "Max Headroom" so that become this new lifeform's name. Being that he was made up out of the reporter's brain memories, he knew a little too much about the reporter for that reporter's comfort so they had a love-hate relationship. Together (along with the genius kid and the reporter's news producer) they would battle corporate greed and government coruption that would infringe on freedom and rights.

This idea of a program moving around the internet with copies of it's information all over (he laughed at any atempts to find and errase his existance) lead me to develop a few worlds of my own. One of those is the beings that live in the planet of my alien star of the epic webcomic I hope to start making soon (maybe in a year from now). These creatures are nothing but information made by rearanging the quirks or other subatomic particals that make up molecules. Within a solid chrystal, they can most easily exist as information is not mixed up by movement of the molecules relative to each other. Individual thoughts can roam around and interact with other thoughts to form new ideas and collections of similar thoughts and ideas can form loosely associated beings. They need input from the outside world to not stagnate with the same thoughts. They form a rebelious collection of thoughts that wishes to leave their planet with the hopes that it will find other worlds and then find a way to return thus bringing a lifetime of experiences and ideas to thrive on. To actually travel through space where there is no solid matter in which to live and move, they need to get a creature from the surface of their planet to make a space ship and travel to another planet (our Earth of course) and then to get back (or have decendents of these alien creatures return).

I think our brains are just a convenient home for thoughts that live like unique beings floating around in the world that is our brain. These thoughts and ideas are even like individuals that as a civilization of individual thoughts forms what is known as the human person we are. The individual thoughts can be born and can die, they can grow and they can join with other thoughts to produce new young thoughts. Our bodies are made up of billions of cells, each of which are like individual single celled animals, but together make a more complex being so why not think of our "software" in the same way: as a collection of beings that are thoughts and ideas and memories which work together to form what we are as humans.
Ann Vole

Men VS women in politics and business "to serve OR protect"

Looking at humans and non-humans and the roles of the sexes in the societies of humans and in non-human societies, I have made some conclusions. The sense of altruism and what I think the meaning of the word "meek" is shows me what a good leader of people (businesses or countries) needs to have more then any other virtue. Jesus showed when washing the deciples feet like a slave, that the purpose of a leader is to serve rather then be served. Moses was said to be the meekest person on the earth. Mothers do everything they can to help their helpless young. Animals with societies are usually burrowing animals where the females are bigger and "alpha" personalities but the smaller males surround the colonie and protect it with their very lives. Male humans and most male animals have a desire to become the most powerful and thus the most likely to pass on their sperm to the next generation. In female-domanent animal species, the males most likey to pass on their sperm are the males best able to impress the females without pissing any of them off and more importantly, pass their sperm to the biggest female at the center of the colonie who is most likely to have surviving young. Back in the days of hunter societies among humans like the North American peoples before Europians took over, most leadership positions were females with the male's role being to hunt for food and to fight intruders. The females raised and trained the kids and did the home building tasks. Successful conractors who build homes seem to be these servent-minded people who do what they can to help the various trades do what the do without problems. The best film producers seem to be the ones who do everything they can to let the artistic people (writers, directors, designers, actors) do their jobs without problems. Many of the successful film producers started out as building contractors... (interesting). Making a film and building a united group of people (organizations, businesses, religions, countries) are very similar in that at the center and core of the group is an idea, a philosophy, a non-physical thing or it is a location. With animal societies, it is the location of hard-to-build homes where young are raised that makes the society form. With nomadic humans, non-physical things are the things that unite these people. The production of this idea or way of thinking generally comes from mothers teaching their kids this idea. If it is the mothers who create and propagate the culture, then they should also be the ones who take control of laws and management of the institutes of their society. Men should stick to protection and administering justice as the one-track male mind is most skilled at (as far as society is concerned)