February 23rd, 2007

Ann Vole

break dancing and cartoons

I saw this competition on Utube and was quite impressed. Getting this in animated form will lose some of it's amazing factor (hey these are real people doing what seems impossible but cartoons can do anything) but it would still be fun to add to a rap/reggae/hip-hop themed thing (like I want to do for my raccoon version of the Noah's ark animals... who says raccoons did not break dance before the flood?)


and more amazing stuff


then there is the real break dancing:


and there is a certain charm when a small character does it:


how do they learn this stuff?

Ann Vole

So y do u lik Mudkip, u 4chn u!!!!11

Most chat rooms keep people in line by banning anybody with foul language or insult hurling or spamming/flooding but not so for 4chan, anything goes and so the people who like the place are free to make their own culture. Memes are things that you can say that can tag you as a 4chan fan because you know that only someone on 4chan will have heard or seen the meme and would have an idea what it really means. I keep finding these 4chan memes and feel left out of the fun. Of course I did log into 4chan a few months ago to see what it was like but it did not appeal to me as I was not interested in participating in all the foul language and insults but did find figuring all the 4chan words and memes out to be quite entertaining to me. Many of the memes are images or animations that are "photoshopped" in a hurry based on the current memes or new words or are just the kind of image you just have to share. Asking "So you like Mudkip?" is one such meme and on DeviantArt, someone made a picture of a mudkip (type of Pokemon character) in a painful state and called it "so u like mudkip" (or something like that). I had to look for the phrase and found hundreds of memes from 4chan put into videos on Utube. Many you have to pause to read each image but they sure were fun and left me feeling like I am missing out on the heart of the internet (or maybe the guts of the sick internet). Some say culture is created from rules and taboos but I thing they are wrong and instead it is freedom of speech that created cultures (or at least people exercising that freedom in spite of censorship attempts).
Ann Vole

Furry mall dream b4i4get

I just started working at a large mall as a general contractor for improving the entry verandas for security and energy efficiency. The lady I was was to talk to and had talked on the cel phone to find each other sounded normal but her name was Vanessa Poodle. I had already started discussing the way we needed to block off one side of the first veranda we were to do before she perked her floppy ears at something I said and I noticed that she was indeed a light tan anthro poodle dog. The next day I come in the entrance and found the plywood wall built just as I asked but there was no work crew. Being early in the morning there were few people around but they were almost all shopkeepers. I sat down to wait and an anthro mouse sat down beside me and started discussing his favorite types of cheese. He broke off his conversation mid-sentence and went to a human with a long apron on with a whole bunch of pockets along the edge of the apron. The mouse asked for an odd type of cheese (Edinburgh brie ?) and the apron-guy gave him a 2 pound (1 kg) chunk and said something about the size of the mouse's tab. The apron guy then tossed a ball back and forth with a anthro dog named Spot who was a white dog with a few large black spots and no cloths. Spot said "the usual" in a calm casual way and then got all excited and wagged his tail and jumped up and down slightly as the apron guy handed him a chunk of roast beef. "I still have gravy" he said before putting the ball in his mouth to accept the roast and ran off to a shop full of toys. The apron guy says to me "customers have been complaining about him... You know he makes soup in a bathtub but he sits right in the broth while he is cutting the ingredients. It is really nobody's business because it is only his own food but... Well... He sits right in it... It bothers people." and he indicates the liquid height against his side as he sits beside me to be about 6 inches (15 cm) deep. I wanted to say "as long as he does not have pin worms to get reinfected" but thought it would not be appropriate to say.
Ann Vole

Saskatchewan is a solar power desert

Looking for companies or projects or organizations involved with solar power in Saskatchewan, I found almost nothing. The good thing is I will have very little competition but the bad part is I will have trouble starting a non-profit organization for zero-energy housing research is I have no partners to serve on the board of directors. I sent out a few emails to people and organizations that may be interested in my research organization so I will see if that gets enough interest or hooks me up with another organization I can do my research under.