February 22nd, 2007

Ann Vole

Ming's Dream B4I4get

Ming was a rather over-weight rat-sized rodent (cloud rat maybe, called yon zhing) living in a rugged mountainous area but in some resort with pagodas and other oriental traditional building styles. Ming was teased for being different and he wished to exact revenge. In one of the rooms was a tall thin oriental man (looks Mongolian) with a British accent. The short rounder faced oriental people serving him with slightly American accents, could not pronounce his name right (which was posted in two different oriental languages on the door). After being disturbed at 3:30 in the morning because they got rooms mixed up for a wake-up call, he pulled out a golf-ball sized finely carved jade object and he said a few harsh-sounding words and put it away again. Glancing at his bed while getting dressed, he saw Ming. He pulled out his cel phone with a digital camera and took a picture of the "insidious vermin" and then said "it is working faster then usual" as he packed his things and left. A staff guy came in response to the request button that the diplomat rang as he left with his luggage. Inside was a very overweight oriental person in the bed. The staff member asked what his name was (fearing he would get it wrong again) and he shuddered at first but answered Ming Yon Zhing. He directed Ming (as a human dressed in a bed sheet which the staff member helped tie up like a kimono but not realizing it was a bed sheet) to the breakfast buffet area. Ming ate a lot but with his hands. The diplomat and the manager come in while he was telling the manager about the "bloody stout vermin infesting this bloomin' 'ell hole" and the staff person, realizing that this Ming was not the same diplomat person who gave him a hard time before. The diplomat said he was going to the competition down the road so the staff person asked if his assistant was going with him. He asked "what assistant?". "Ming here, was found in your room". "then there was more then one type of vermin in my damned room! I have never seen this slob before nor shall I again." He stormed out and left on a waiting rickshaw. The manager said, "we have never had rodents before in that room and I could find none. He must be just giving us trouble." The staff person asked Ming "so why are you here?" Ming could only answer "me? Ming! ... Ming yon zhing". The manger said "the room is paid for for the whole week and nonrefundable so Ming can be our guest until we figure out who he is." The staff person mumbles to himself "Ming is sure an improvement over what's-his-name. I would have quit before the week's end."