February 21st, 2007

Ann Vole

Following your heart or living your dream

There is a slight difference between following your heart and living your dream. Following your heart means you are striving to arrive at some sort of state (possessing something, achieving something). Living your dream means you are already where you want to be and everything you do is the fulfillment of that desired state. You can see how "living your dream" can have a much higher satisfaction level then "following your dream". My dream (and I believe my mission) is to make films starring animals. I have been trying lately to get land to make animal-raising facilities so I can raise animal actors along side more financially rewarding animal raising endeavors all so that I can make live-action films with real animal actors. I am not going to abandon that project and path of action but there is going to be a slightly different attitude along the way. I need to live my dream instead of follow it so I have to be making films starring animals RIGHT NOW. I have everything I need to do so now via animation and am not far from having software like photoshop and flash to manipulate photos and video clips to make Monty-Python-like films starring manipulated photos and videos of real animals. I do have two cats who would be happy to star in some film of mine.

The same sort of thing applies to the spiritual journey. Long ago I asked God to give me an uncontrollable desire to do the sort of things that would result in me becoming the sort of powerful tool God could use for the furthering of God's purposes. This would make me live the faith instead if following some faith. Lately I have bee procrastinating on doing things because I was not sure if I had the right order to do the tasks in so none of the tasks got done due to not knowing the right order. I got to quit asking "should I do this next" and instead "give me the instincts and reminders and wisdom to do the right stuff at the right time" and then go ahead and live my faith instead of looking for a list of actions to perform. The fulfillment factor is much higher because everything I do is an accomplishment while I am doing it instead of the brief fulfillment as I cross off a completed task from my ordered list.

Mission statements and society goals are separate lists (as per the instructions on making societies for in Alberta). I thought they were a bit redundant but could see the differences between the two. I need to make both lists for my own life (and each of my businesses) so I can live the mission on the road-map of the goals list.