February 18th, 2007

Ann Vole

Everybody's going on line

Having your own web domain and site is no longer reserved for geeks, con artists, or business tycoons. My church has an expanding website and many of the groups in my church now have their own domain and web site.


One group has a unique unstructured worship and prayer time once a month called Mysterium. I will likely develop some unique liturgical alternatives to be part of these events. Check out their website:


I will be making website pages for my church's missions group. One planned feature will be a list of mission opportunities with contact info for teachers (both for real grade schools and Sunday school teachers) to develop mission events. One school had kids get donated junk from home and it was sold to other students to give as Christmas gifts. The money raised was supposed to go to buy one goat for a village in Africa... They bought 23 goats and a pair of oxen and had money left over for water well improvement! I will try to find similar success stories with links for this list to inspire ideas. Mission activity does not have to just be for churches!

My church is thinking of webcasting the services or providing them to view on-line.

A children's book author and illustrator Jan Brett has a whole bunch of fun activities and videos on her website.


This is not only a good way to advertise her books and her dedication to children's entertainment but she receives lots of input of ideas and improvement suggestions for her craft.

I found a out-of-work graphic artist who made bazaar "Monty Python"-like animations and had them on his website and on Utube. Also on Utube were two (possibly more) TV news articles about his stuff which is an incredible amount of free publicity for his talent.
Ann Vole

Finding the shiney nugget in tunes

When improvising on an old well-loved tune, I find it necessary to find the special part of the tune that makes that tune so memorable and keep that part intact but also to "shine" that nugget with variations on that theme. Rub it with melodies, rhythms, and chords that make the special part of the tune show up brighter. I can often identify the specifics of these nuggets in popular tunes but I have yet to find clear patterns or rules that define them. If I could do that, I could make very popular tunes on a consistent basis. Right now, I have a few tunes I have made that have this nice nugget but many equally beautiful tunes of mine do not have this nugget. I know that no matter how nice a tune is, if it dies not have that special something, it just melts away from your memory as soon as the music ends but with this nugget, the tune gets stuck in your mind and has to be heard again to let it loose like something caught in your throat needs more food to wash it down.