February 17th, 2007

Ann Vole

Hedgehog Crisps

Someone suggested my avatar looks like the hedgehog drawing on the bags of Hedgehog Crisps. Of course I had to find a picture of this product so I could see for myself. After a lot of searching, I only found two images, a poor quality copy of a newspaper advertisement which had an image of the bag in it, and a photo of a 23 year old unopened bag of the chips for sale on Ebay. I have never bid or purchased anything on Ebay so I thought I would try to place a bid on these potato chips just for the fun of it.

Some background:
In England, potato chips are called crisps. The Hedgehog Snack company came up with the original Hedgehog Crisps name. The trade office had a problem with the claim on the package "hedgehog flavor" because it was not made of hedgehogs so they asked some gypsies who had eaten hedgehogs to help their flavoring experts make an artificial flavoring that tastes similar to what real roasted hedgehog is supposed to taste like. They also changed the "claim" to "hedgehog flavored". People still kept thinking they were made from hedgehogs though and so the flavor fell by the wayside after a few years. The companies that owned the factory or distributed the chips changed hands a few times but the last one has paid a hansom donation to a hedgehog rescue organization that helps wild injured hedgehogs and releases them. These chips are no longer made but are still in the memories of many of the people of England and Europe who had tried them. I will add links and images shortly (posting this from my cel phone).