January 23rd, 2007

Ann Vole

(no subject)

Joseph was sold into slavery and ended up saving likely a few million people by hedging the disaster to come. I think of all the troubles I have had that all led me to be developing the future homes of the new world that will be left in the wake of dozens of possible (and mostly unrelated) disasters. Joseph predicted the 5 good years followed by those 5 years of severe famine. I have no clue which disaster (if any) will befall us but I know we are all very valnerable with the world as we know it now.

Global Pandemic will shut society down where everyone will have to make their own food and energy due to not enough well people to do that and nobody will want to leave home or they will catch it too.

Solar electron clouds of solar wind will distroy all satalites, most electronics, possibly all electicity transmission lines (a wide-spread power outage at the least as fuses blow) and may even cause fuel processing plants to be distroyed. No communication, no fuel, and financial colapse could bring society to it's knees in a matter of minutes and hours instead of weeks and years like other disasters.

Nuclear war is less possible but is still a very real possability as is other technological warfare we may not know about (dirty bombs? electromagnetic flashes? 911 style airplane hijacking?). The first targets are going to be things the millitary needs such as: satalites, fuel, steel, internet, calm and order in the citezens, trust in the government, policing, economic stability in the stock market.

Terrorist warfare, an Islamic allience out to shut down Europe, a new dictator like Hitler was that corrupts democracies from within and is kept in the public favor by false media until it is too late, civil war... all these have happened in the past within a few years of things getting in motion.

They figure much of the witch hunts and other craziness of the dark ages may have been caused by a mind-altering chemical made by some sort of microbe living on grains of barley (most bread was made of barley back then). We could be struck with some brain altering chemical in a common food item like wheat or drinking water and the whole world could go nuts at the same time.

Skyrocketing fuel price or just lack of fuel availability has been a widely predicted disaster

Food poisoning problem from a new bacteria or crop failure around the world due to plant disease epidemics could cause world-wide starvation.

Drastic weather changes like on the movie "Day after Tommorow" could happen from a wide variety of causes such as a mostly invisable cloud of snow from outer space (what comets are made of) or a comet or two could hit the atmosphere and add enough moisture and dust to the atmosphere as to send the world into global winter for two or three years. Just a few degrees drop is enough for crops to have a damaging frost one night (just one night is enough) causing massive crop failure of grain crops which would cause animals to have to be killed to prevent starvation and most vegitarian human food to be mostly unavailable. Other causes can be several volcanos going off at once, a meteor shower or large space object getting knocked off course and head our way with little warning (and like on "Day After Tomorrow", air at close to absolute zero can be thrown to the surface killing everything in it's wake from instant freezing)

Everyone knows how distructive a tsunami is... meteors, freak earthquakes, magnetic pole reversals... all are likely to make a wave of water to distroy a large portion of our cities which mostly are located on the ocean coast. Some mathematicians working on the theories of the workings of galaxies and black holes have suggested that phenomenons like gravity waves could come along and give the earth a good shake causing all sorts of tsunamis and volcanic activities and earthquakes.

alien invasions have been well covered by B movies

(enough of my disaster list... I have about a dozen more)

My point is that disaster can happen with little warning unlike the global weather change we may be getting from greenhouse gasses (or natural causes beyond our understanding). I need to get the methods of keeping people warmed or cooled as needed independently and fed with non-distributed food with a wide variety of possible plant and animal species and those food items raised in an indoor environment where water can be conserved (or flooding averted) and strange weather can be ignored. I need communication methods that can handle the voltage spikes and magnetic flux of potential sources like solar flares or electromagnetic flash bombs or nuclear blasts. I have the ideas... now the testing and soon the teaching.