January 21st, 2007

Ann Vole

I need to make 3 companies

There are three distict companies I need to develop:

Elisha's Oil Ideas will be for alternative energy for building design and design of alternative agriculture techniques. This company will develop the facilities for the other two businesses

An animal raising and marketing and possible animal distributing company. This company may also grow, process, market and maybe distribute plants grown in the automated greenhouse designs Elisha's Oil Ideas will build.

A media production company that will make films starring animals and rent space and facilities for other people's productions. Other media like books, web programming, audio recordings, tv shows, instructional materials, games, and litergies may also be produced or distributed through this company.

I need to come up with names for the other two real soon so I can get deals when registering domain names or when making stationary and websites. I will apply for a "secured" credit card (I save the card's credit limit amount in an account I cannot access as security against that credit) so I can get my domain names in about a week with the card (they seem to insist I use a credit card in some way even when paying through PayPal) so I have a week to come up with two good names.
Ann Vole

The other monster character

One of my favorite large-sized characters is the dragon in the Disney short film "The Reluctant Dragon". This character was dainty in movements and anything BUT ferocious (and never knew he could breath fire because he had never gotten really angery before. Being a gernourous too-freindly tea-loving poet and pinkish tones in colour also broke the dragon architype. I just woke up from a dream of a very muscular hairy monster character who had to hold things very carefully using the "pinky" finger's claw and thumb claw because the other claws are to big and other fingers too strong. Being always worried about damaging things, this character walked very carefully and on tip-toes like a ballet dancer. I was woken up by the group who does the "Light Rock Service" once a month at my church who are setting up for this evening. This 7 foot high character who looks like an over-sized midget and probably weighs 300 pounds but mostly muscle was pushing the grand piano around (on wheels) and was doing it in such a dainty careful way. Dispite his large stubby-looking fingers he is a beautiful piano player. He was showing just such architype breaking I am thinking is more real for physical movements. It is the movement stuff I am thinking of more then the other fluffy stuff in their brain. They had Hellboy liking to pet kittens dispite being a gigantic powerful demon... not to interesting to me... I liked the movement stuff so I was interested in how gently he pet those kittens but not his interest in the kittens. I have seen wild moose daintily run through in deep muskeg (2-3 feet of water-logged moss) and a heavy layer of old branches and fallen logs due to being too wet for fire or logging to remove centuries of this stuff and not make a single sound other then a little water sounds as water fills in where his giant hooves had been. His gigantic rack of antlers about 10 feet across effortlessly weaving its way between tree branches without ever touching. For a big-nosed homely-looking giant (twice as tall as a cow), it has to be the most graceful animal in the world for movement. Now for clumbsy animals, wild house mice and pet ferrets are two of the clumbsiest I know of. House mice are anything BUT quiet and amazingly distructive for knocking stuff off shelves (or falling off shelves themselves). Deermice and voles can be very dainty and quiet so it is not the size. Being with humans for many generations and being uninjured from most falls seems to be the cause of such clumbsiness. I guess we set a bad example for gracefullness.

If you watched the movie "Monsters Inc.", I found Randal (I think that's his name) to be the scariest of the bunch because of his invisablity and his sneaky movements with his 6 limbs to make him so silent. I would rather be chased by Godzilla then Randal because you would always know where Godzilla was by the distruction but Randal could kill you without you knowing what was coming. I think we need more sneaky and invisable and silent monsters in movies!