January 14th, 2007

Ann Vole

Not following your mission is lying (unions and democrats)

The New Democratic Party (NDP in Canada) is supposed to be pro-union as a leftist party. They started the whole free health care thing in Canada a few decades ago. The provincial version if the NDP in Saskatchewan has not been paying its employees as much as people in the same jobs elsewhere and has been doing all sorts of union-busting manuvers. Now personally, I am not in favor of unions so that part is not what bothers me... It is the extreme shortage of doctors and nurses we have causing hospitals to shut down and patients sent hundreds of extra miles for an emergency and people who die on the way or at home because they cannot afford to get to the hospital or the trip is so long. The leftists are usually pushing for free university or lower tuition but Saskatchewan cut it's training of medical professionals because student loans are so high for them and they are worried they will leave the province when they graduate (and leave the lowest paid jobs in North America? -well Duh!). Now we are recruiting people from third world countries to fill the need and universities all over North America have Saskatchewan born people in medical training paid for by their future employer (not to work in Saskatchewan for sure). The same goes with all sorts of other services like the road maintainance crews who went on strike for one day and several people died from the slippery roads inspite of management running the equipment... They have not had a raise that matched the cost of living increases in three decades and are the lowest paid in Canada. The Government forced them back to work...

You get what you pay for! Now I don't know who to vote for... They are either liers or telling me they are going to do things I disagree with. They have to have a mission statement and stick to it. Now the unions are telling their members that they cannot endorse voting for any of the parties. Can you anticipate an even lower voter turnout? There are no parties for anyone of any political bent who can be relied on to follow through on their goals and promises. Even the politicians are "crossing the floor" (changing which party they are representing after being voted for) so much that the party in power changes several times a year because they can't find one that they continue to believe in.
Ann Vole

1 1/2 weeks to bother connecting my highspeed internet

I now have highspeed again (without restrictions of time like the hour per day at the library or only when my brother is at work) but I don't have much that interests me beyond posting on my LJ (which I am doing now using my cel phone as I have these last few months). Posting pictures and making animation and webcomics are the two activities I will use my computer for and the first I will be doing with my cel phone when I figure out FTP and go with the next level up on my cel phone plan (more transfer per month) and the second does not require the internet. I guess now I can enjoy the Ottertunes internet radio again. I am sure I will do some google searching too. I have been sleeping an extra amount this week so hopefully what ever is causing that goes away before I take the 4 day hydronics course I am driving to Winnipeg tomorrow to attend (Monday to Thursday). This will be the most useful of the four courses because my designs will all be using radiant heating (hydronics is radiant heating using hot water or steam). I will be looking to use air instead of liquids for the transfer fluid and making the walls and ceiling radiate as well as the floor. Now to get my insurance policy (covering law suits if I mess up) and business licence (or use my Colfax adress) so I can be a bonifide heating system installer. Making web pages showing my energy ideas will be then be the next big project so I can seek government funding and business partners.
Ann Vole

The cramped road to Heaven

The Watchtower magazine left at my workplace has an article "Can we really get to know God?" and someone at work wrote under that title "Hell no!". I could not think of a better answer. The article starts by saying that we can never know God (as Eastern religions of Hinduism Taoism and Buddhism also believe). Then it looked like someone else wrote the end of the article to say God can be known but we must go down the "cramped" road and the picture shows the crowd around Jesus. A cramped road is a big difference from a narrow road. The real problem I have with this article is the last line that suggests that only those who actually do get to know God will achieve everlasting life... An awefully big impossible road block to heaven if that is the case. Again they say the same things I say to accuse them... You will know them by their fruits or in other words weather they are doing God's will or not. They even partially quote the most damning passage where on the judgement day people said "did we not do all these things in your name?" and God said "get away from me, I never knew you" then comes the part they quoted "not everyone saying to me 'Lord, Lord' will enter the kingdom of heaven"... The point seems to be not weather you know God but rather if God knows you. ("I never knew you"). The narrow road to heaven had the added distinction of "few will find it" so it cannot be a cramped road!