January 12th, 2007

Ann Vole

Natures toothbrush and other random stuff.

I read that dry cat and dog food is better then moist due to the way dry food cleans the teeth while they eat. I was wondering how that affects wild carnivors and then realized that for most prey, the carnivor eats the bones last... Nature's toothbrush. I want to raise rodents (for a number of purposes including) for carnivor food and am not sure but I worry that a diet of rodents is going to lead to tooth decay because their meal does not end with some bone chewing (unless we are talking the mouse-sized least weasel or a small shrew). Maybe grass chewing that house cats do is a toothbrush habit put in by instict for these animals who in the wild would mostly eat insects and small rodents. I might include with frozen rodents, a small packet of dry food to be an after-dinner mint and tooth brush for various species. Snakes eat their prey whole so they will not have any food on their teeth for tooth decay bacteria.

I had a dream of some girl having a party and inviting all her ex-boyfriends. Fighting almost broke out before the guys found out that this was an "ex-boyfriend party". She was going to make a speech when they all arrived but the guys were scheming to get back at her for dumping all of them. (woke up)

There is a song that goes "I'm gonna make you move, 'cause you're standin' still" which I find very entertaining and keep thinking of that phrase and smiling. I can't figure out why I am so entertained by it though. If I could figure out why, I might be able to better think up stuff that I find entertaining to add to every line of dialog or event or background stuff like product and company names in films (I really enjoyed looking at the fake product labels of the Over The Hedge movie in the DVD extras).

This is a record breaking winter for warm weather yet this week we are close to breaking records for cold. We have wind chills to make it feel colder then minus 45 (on both scales). One of my parrent's tenents has a crawl space instead of a basement and she blocked access to the crawl space and now has some freezing sewer pipes and wants to deal with it without going into the crawl space.

All the surge protectors out there say they will not protect the equipment in the event of a lightning strike. A lightning strike is the usual source of severe voltage surges and I have experienced several lightning strikes to homes I have been in so that is just not good enough. I was originally thinking that if I got all the heat related energy uses covered (heating, cooling, hot water, cooking, refridgeration, water distilation, sewer treatment) then I would just use grid power for lights and electronics but I am thinking that overhead power lines are not acceptable due to lightning risk so I better include the electrical needs in my plans too (batteries, inverters, charging systems, solar cells). I have problems with all those systems though due to nasty chemicals and most of the technology cannot be repaired and most of the stuff will be distroyed if we get strong magnetic fields from solar discharges of our sun like we got at the turn of the century (before electroncs). I am going to have to develop my ideas for storing energy as pressurized air instead of chemically in batteries and then convert the pressure into electrical energy as needed and do so with non-silicone electrical equipment that can handle some nasty magnetic flux or a direct lightning strike to conected wires. Setting up my computer in my van should help figure out some of the details as far as electronics goes and I will have to test some of my ideas for electricity from pressurized air.