January 11th, 2007

Ann Vole

More violence close to home

I work at two PetroCanada gas stations, the one across the street from the 7-11 convenience store where someone was stabbed to death a week ago, and the only PetroCanada in Regina that has yet to be robbed yet. About 5 blocks away from this lucky PetroCanada is another PetroCanada where the place gets robbed often. Last night while two people were working there, a lone robber came in and beat up the guy quite severly (concussion in the back of his head and broken bone above one eye as well as other broken bones). The robber is in jail (for a decade at least) but it still hits close to home.
Ann Vole

Alternate litergy idea, a play with audience participation

I was trying to come up with a unique premis for an alternative litergy for church services. Some are country music, some are jazz music, some are specifically evening prayer services (different content then morning services), some are tailored to specific events like Christmas or Easter... I was not interested in any of those and my music style is sort of middle of the road or jazzy folk-like "elevator muzak" so I could not really label it. Then it struck me, I want to do radio plays and eventually dramatic animation (which starts as a radio play before animation is added) so I will do the service as a play with audience participation. One of the pastors (Luthern ministers) at this church along side with some composer and professional singer, made an easter cantata (like a litergy but designed for a choir to present and no audience participation expected). This cantata was made like a traditional opera but the tragic death in most operas was Christ's death on the cross. The main part in this thing was the part of Satan who plots to take over the spiritual realm but is defeated instead. My point in telling you this is that I will likely find lots of support from my church to get this from a test script and unwriten but recorded sound track into a professionally recorded composition with professional concert musicians and opera singers to make it and then to have it published through large Christian book publishers to be sold to churches (with enough copies of the short form of it to give out to the audience). I think a play version of a normal litergy should be unique yet be functional and theologically acceptable to many church denominations.