January 7th, 2007

Ann Vole

40 days, heaven's days?

All through the Bible, things seem to be measured in 40 days. It is usually punishment that happens in 40 days or 40 years of length but there are non-punishment time lengths too. The native cultures of the Americas often had calenders based on 40s or 20s of both days and years. Some astrology thing I read said that every 20 days, similar events happen so if you had a bad day, expect another in exactly 20 days. I am wondering if the spiritual world has a regular cycle of some sort that happens in about 40 of earth's days.
Ann Vole

Theory on pocket on animal ears

Many animals like most carnivors (specifically pet cats, dogs, and ferrets for examples), some rodents, some lagomorphs (rabbit order), and even some marsupials have a little pocket thing on the edge of their ear. I have never heard an explaination of why animals have that. Because such a wide variety of animals have it, I figure it has to perform a practical purpose. A theory that just occured to me is it might be a way to turn around small insects or mites to keep them out of and off of the ears. It might even be a sort of one way passage (out only) for critters already crawling in the ears like ear mites. Think of an insect following the ridge of the ear and see how it is directed when inside compared to when following ridges from the outside. Looking at my cat's ears (only example I have handy) I see a ridge inside the ear coming from deep in the ear and connects with this pocket and thus would work great at directing insects straight to this one-way "door". Note that this is always on the back side of the ear and not the face-side of the ear which would keep these stray insects off the face and less likely to just head to the other ear (migration due to overpopulation?).
Ann Vole

Dream- James Bond, double oh, six and a half

I saw a review on an old newspaper for the new James Bond movie with a new actor for Bond. I fell asleep and woke up shortly later with this dream in my head: the organized crime were on to finding England's top spi was the one with the cool gadgets and all the girls and used to do modeling before going on to a better paying job as a spi. Under the guise of being an "equal opportunity employer" they were looking for the next Bond to be a physically handycaped person or a visable minority or even a female. One of the interviewers of potential new Bonds would make up film titles or names as bios of potential Bonds were looked at:

missing legs at the knees- "006 and1/2" or "Both Feet in Hell"

deaf and dumb - "Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil" or "Tell me no Lies" or "Dumb and Smarter"

female - "Bond, Jamie Bond" or "Come into my Parlor"

midget - "The harder they fall" or "going undercover" or "triple 0 seven"