January 2nd, 2007

Ann Vole

Motherhood and high number of male characters

I noticed that most of my stories seem to have males as the main characters and was wondering why. Since I like female characters and often adress gender discrimination in my stories, I rejected the possability that I was biased against females. I realized that I chose males for situations where a character needed to have strong opinions and hate due to discrimination on the part of that character. Mothering insticts seem to water down hate in females.

I seem to concentrate on showing the evils of discrimination of all forms in my stories or else I am showing the wonder of motherhood. I seem to include gender-confused characters for dealing with gender discrimination and hermaphrodite characters to deal with homophobia. Aliens are good at species and race discrimination due to having no direct relationship with human races or stereotypical animal symbols of races or nationalities. I also like to deal with self-hate due to believing discrimination against that character. Because of this I ended up developing a character who is a hermaphrodite gender-changing alien species (without planning it that way ahead of time) for my epic story which is the melting pot for a whole bunch of stories I had in my mind. I have had some pet species who have females as their dominant gender (like gerbils and ground squirrels). This shows that mothering instinct still active inspite of the females being alphas and bigger and stronger and having the protectionist role. Because of this I am also including female-dominant species in some of my stories (including the previously mentioned alien who has to pretend to be a female of a female-dominant species). Another way around the gender issue when making an outsider look at the gender discrimination is to have characters who do not have gender or who have a complex gender system where they do not have an equivalent to our male and female genders. I use both those stratagies too with characters who do not have a physical form like artificial intellegence programs or lifeforms that divide in two to multiply. I have a wide variety of these characters in my epic story too and a few others. It is a little harder to do such stuff as hermaphrodite or genderless characters in real-like earth-based stories so I end up going to Science Fiction format in my stories to get aliens and computer-A.I. characters. And fantacy to get non-existant species and characters from the spiritual realm (like angels, seraphim, gods) and anthro-animals who have interesting gender scenarios. I was just reading the passage in the Bible where Jesus said that in heaven there is no male or female or marrying... that changes things big time for many people's perception of the afterlife (like suicide bombers getting a bunch of virgins for wives) so I want to present angels and other spiritual world beings as non-gendered. I watched that film Constantine and liked the use of a female actor for the arch-angel Gabriel yet they used male pronouns when talking about Gabriel (I think she is the same actress who plays the White Witch in the Narnia movie). Interesting how motherhood can change the personality of the gender and I wonder how it would change a lifeform from our experience to not have mothers as we know them or genders as we know them. Also, we cannot really know what the afterife is like until we get there so I avoid speculation on that because if there really is an afterlife, we will all experience it and prove my version to be inacurate.
Ann Vole

Crying kitty, animal alergies, ground squirrel breeding

Ever since I got these two farm cats to take care of this winter (farm is over-run with cat-killing raccoons and skunks who can go where the cats go so it is impossible to feed the cats while away from the farm for months at a time), the one cat does a lot of squinting and he always has blobs of dried tears under his eyes. I figure he is allergic to something in this building's air. I am not sure what to do to relieve the cat's eyes if it is allergies. Even for people, the only real solution to continual allergies is to move. I will be looking for a place to raise ground squirrels in the spring so I might be able to take the cats there when I find an appropriate location. I need to raise the ground squirrels in Regina area because I will have to care for them at least once a day and my place in Colfax has nasty dust-reliesing stuff in the walls and attic (likely contains asbestos and other carsonogenic stuff) that I am planning to clean out of there before I super-insulate it this summer. Of course I cannot have a large number of animals in this place with renters (the rent-to-own agreement says only one house cat allowed... the agreement is with my dad who asked me to care for these two cats). I will be wanting to keep the air real clean for this animal place due to preventing odors making people suspicious and stopping airborne diseases. Adding potential allergies is interesting additional for very clean air. The initial species, Richardson Ground Squirrels, live in holes in the ground that they dig out so they are designed to handle breathing very dusty air so big dust particles are not the problem but rather the very small viruses and bacteria as well as phermones and even gasses like ammonia. Dealing with these tini molecules requires a different tactic then fine filters (carbon and water binding as well as plant absorption) and dealing with microbes is probably best dealt with using ultraviolet light. Adding hepa filtration was not considered for the initial design but I might add it for the cat's sake considering I will likely use this space for other animals in the future. The cats will also prevent wild rodents from bringing in disease and parasites (they are good mousers as farm cats). Of course I will have to keep the two species separated (the cats will likey kill the adult ground squirrels and definately any babies). For inspection purposes, the double enclosure system with cats patroling for excapees will assure the inspectors that they will not excape (they are always worried about transmitting disease to and from wildlife). All I really need is a place to put an insulated "A" frame roof over some sandy dirt and put some insulated barriers into the dirt for a few feet to stop tunneling excape artists. I have a method I think will work to make easy access to all the nests so I can catch and handle all the adults and babies every day so I should see signs of any starting tunnels through the barrier under them. Artificial tunnels will not give them an opportunity to dig as is their nature so I will have to figure out good tunneling material for a play area (likey use wood shavings and short cotton fibers sold as futon stuffing... that combo works great for gerbils). Litter training them is supposed to be natural as training cats and would be helped with the artificial tunnels. As pets, they should be trained from birth to use cat litter for the expected purpose because it is what most people will have available at pet stores. Non-digging activities need to be encouraged too because most people will neglect to satisfy their digging desires. These can include slides, run wheels, swings, toys (balls, bells, cloth tunnels), climbing "monkey bars" and hammocks. Part of my improvement of animal lives is finding activities for each species that they can do while their owner is not around to interact with them so I will have to come up with a variety of good clean fun for them. I developed a bunch of things for guinea pigs when I had lots to test ideas with (which I do not see anything along those lines in pet stores... I will have to develop and sell guinea pig toys and cages with these ideas... let's see what I come up with for ground squirrels first). If I raise them as close to the same colonie style as they live in the wild, hopefully they will retain the language that tests show wild ones have. They should also breed as good as they do in the wild (they do not breed well if you just stick a male and female in the same encosure... no sex and no babies for most pairs). They may also have adaptations like tree squirrels that ensure that every egg in the female is fertilized by a different male which would mean the famale has to have access to a dozen males when in heat for maximum litter size and breeding chances. I sure changed topics in this post but you can see what is on my mind as we are only weeks away from ground squirrel breeding season... a good time to catch females who are already bred but before they have their babies in the wild where I am unable to pet the babies with their mother from birth. It might not happen this year but I am going to try to find a place anyways... who knows if dreams will happen if you don't try.
Ann Vole

There's no 'C' in 'blind'

A lady that works at the same gas station as me had her car completely distroyed while it was parked. The lady who hit it banged it so hard that the parked car totalled the truck parked next to it. She drove through a new yard fence and then into the garage. She said she was in a hurry to get to work. She did not have a drivers licence
Ann Vole

There's no 'C' in 'blind' (part 2)

my cel phone sent the message before I was done so I will have to errase the other one:

A lady that works at the same gas station as me had her car completely distroyed while it was parked. The lady who hit it banged it so hard that the parked car totalled the truck parked next to it. She drove through a new yard fence and then into the garage. She said she was in a hurry to get to work. She did not have a drivers licence. They are not going to press charges (government run auto insurance). I think someone is blind in the insurance company to not see the unjustness of this and disregard for public safety to let this go.