January 1st, 2007

Ann Vole

Phone being irritating again

I made a great post then tried to post it and the thing said "not enough power to turn on phone" then proceded to automatically reboot the system and then turn on the phone. The rebooting errased the post I was about to send. I will have to make sure everything is on and connected before trying to post from now on.
Ann Vole

still connected with my university's email service

I was worried that the email service through my university might end when my computer account with the university expires (supposed to happen as of Dec 31) but it seems to be still functioning. I will have to get my service set up with my webspace account (where I have my comics and images posted) so I do not have to worry about my university account expiring. I still have access with my brother's connection when my brother is not playing World of Warcraft online (most of the time) and I have internet access at my public library but it's browser keeps saying "an error has ocurred and this program must shut down" when trying to read livejournal pages and they only allow one hour per day. I will see if I can make some programming for web pages that are Palm OS browser friendly that will allow me to log on to services like Hotmail and Java chat with minimal transfer as well as try to get internet messaging services working on my cel phone so I can join live chats with my cel phone. If I can figure out FTP with my cel phone, I might be able to post pictures through my webspace povider instead of using up my livejournal space and only use up the transfer of the image itself in compressed format (as an email attachment the image is automatically turned into a text-only format which is several times bigger so my transfer rate is very high to email the image to livejournal). If I can get that going, I will post lots of pictures of things I find funny or interesting on my livejournal (just have to add the location html to the post for the image stored on my webspace service via FTP).
Ann Vole

Just a test of the outbox folder

I have a folder on my cel phone's email program called "outbox". I will place this message in "outbox" and see if I can get it to post. Posting this way may keep the message from being errased if the cel phone decides to reboot while trying to post.