December 20th, 2006

Ann Vole

Internet lag and denial of service prevention ideas

I have not read the latest innovations on this subject but a few ideas have come to mind. Denial of service happens on an automatic basis now to keep things from being clogged up by a few heavy data users (internet packets sent back where they came from as undelivered so they have to be rerouted) rather then shut down the system like what used to happen when hackers would flood a system with junk to try to shut things down. Lag generally happens because of lost and misdirected packets. To keep hard-drives from losing information when disk errors happen, the data is broken up into separate parallel streams including error checking bits (such as a bit that is 1 if the binary number being sent has an odd number of ones or 0 for an even number of ones). If any of these parallel streams of this information gets lost (damaged section of the disk or faulty disk when putting each stream on a separate disk) then it can be recreated by using the remaining information and the error checking bit (or recreating the missing error checking bit). I figure information can be broken up the same way and set of packets sent so that a missing packet can be recreated for use while waiting for that last packet to arrive (which can be ignored).

Images can be simplified in many ways and still look the same to people so "lossy" ways of compressing information have been developed such as the .jpeg or .jpg image format or mp3 audio format. Simalar ways of simplifying the discribing of the information being sent can be figured out so that an initial section of information can be sent first that can be used to be almost right and then further bits will refine the information to be more right. Image files are sometimes "interlaced" where only some of the pixals are sent first and big areas are filled with that pixal colour and then a second pass over the image with more pixals will make those patches of colour smaller on each pass until every pixal has been set to the right colour. This makes a fuzzy or blocky image to show up on the screen right away and it to get clearer and more precise as the rest of the image file is received. A similar system can be made for other information like character position in a three-d environment... General 2-D position can be sent first to place the character in the right part of the screen then real 3-D position sent for making shadows and lighting correctly. A single reference position can be used to guess the rest of the body reference positions based on the previous body position. Even if only the occational position is received, the character can still be placed in the correct location in the 3-D environment. Using previous postions, the movement can also be guessed. Because of this, only a few key positions need to be sent for each pose. Because people really only notice the parts of the body that are moving a lot and the parts on the viewed side of the character, those parts can be sent first so even if the rest are not in the right place, people will not notice. Since this is a two way communication (in the live puppet colaboration idea discribed in an earlier post) the computer can say how many packets have been received in time to be used before the information is too old to be useful and the sending computer can decide what information to send using that speed and not bother sending more packets then will be received in time to be useful.

I like the idea of having web sites that are never unavailable no matter how messed up the different parts of the internet are. Using the above techniques but for the sources of page information could make for viewable pages as long as most of the routes are functioning and missing information is guessed at by the browser. As an example, you can set the background colour of a page even if you also have a background image so if the background image fails, the page still looks OK. Using more advanced versions of this in a new XML system could make for very robust sites that can make use of mirror sites and information distributed from different places around the world so the page can be created inspite of down computers around the globe from some future computer virus epidemic or damaged satalite links or other such mishaps. When favorite sites go down because of stupid things like domain name registration expiring or a host computer hard drive dying, I think "there has to be a better way". As I say, there can be different sources for parts of the page but with current HTML, the base page still has to be received from the domain name location. To get around this, browsers have to be instructed to check a stored copy of the page from previous visits for alternate sources of the base page information or just use the stored page as the base. I hope to add such options to a XML I want to develop. I want web pages that automatically translate to a chosen language by the veiwing computer by storing the meaning of the text instead of an actual language and so it can be accurately translated to any language that someone has bothered to make the translation definitions for that language (and has that defintion loaded on their computer's browser). This will make it possible to define an obscure language (or a made-up language) and have access to the world's information (as long as it has been translated into this XML format as meanings instead of the original language). Adding these robustness features will be an added bonus as the pages will be available no matter how much damage or blocking the internet connection has for that veiwing computer. Adding interactive features like an animated AI website host would also be part of my system hopefully.
Ann Vole

My problem with communists.

Tommy Douglas lead Western Canada into a bunch of leftist ideals that I really like: universal guarenteed public health services, pubic auto insurance, grain marketing board, public utilities. Twenty years after his death, any information gathered on him has to be publically available with the Freedom of Information Act. Because of all the cold war fears and his leftist stance, the files on him are extensive. This lack of accountability for our information services to be spending so much effort at investigating a political leader is the very thing I have a problem with in the current version of Tommy's NDP government party. It is now known that the NDP secretly hired crooked people to frame all their political rivals and get them in jail. This thug and crime-boss sort of attitude is what made Russia such a nasty place to live and work and what I hate about unions. Why can't we have good public services without political cronies and croft and pro-union stuff and thug thinking? On the other side of things, why are capitalists so afraid of some socialist services to help the down-and-out? Instead we have leftists and right-wingers at each other's throats trying to dismantle the good parts of the other side of the political fence. This leads me to want as little government as possible knowing that both sides are full of corruption and evil. Without all that nasty stuff, I would find my self on the left side of the political spectrum but only some right-wingers push for a hands-off aproach but they throw out the baby (social systems) with the bathwater (leftist ideals). The left wingers drown the baby with all their lofty ideals. China is starting to create a good socialist-capitalist mix if they can clean out all that controlling stuff and government secrecy and disregard for human rights stuff. On the other hand, the USA used to be the land of the free with systems to keep the government in check (like the right to bare arms and over throw any government they disagree with using those weapons). Now you would not even dream of trying to overthrow the US government at any level. Even suggesting an overthrow will have the CIA and FBI breathing down your information back. Again with the controlling and secrets and removal of human rights in the name of the public good. Domain name registration used to be all handled by a department with one of the US's secret services (CIA or FBI) but now it is sold privately. I tried to pay without a credit card for some domain names using Paypal and everyone insisted on having a credit card number attached to the domain names... must be to maintain control over the internet by the US secret services. Can humans go back to a small local government without a major political rebuild or a civil war? Does not look like it will happen peacefully but rather, the world's governments are going to continue to grow bigger and more powerfull and more permanently in power until some major disaster distroys our civilization and governments. I might be able to force governments to accomodate such a change if I teach people how to not need to buy things or services nor work nor pay taxes (legally by not working and not buying). Withour money, governments have to shrink or fall apart like Russia.
Ann Vole

Character discriptions for text story

I want to start this story idea as a text story to develop my writing skills but there are three things I need to define first: the story title, the character names and general discriptions, and the chapter title. I also have several parrallel story arcs happening so I have to decide who's story to start in the first chapter.

Working novel title:
I like the double L as in llama so I figure that could be a good name for the creatures as they are found in the rain forest near the Andes Mountains (where llamas are found). I might come up with a more discriptive or innovative title but this one should be unique for now.

The main character is a human but the main subject is the creatures (who I will call the Llaprami from now on - plural and singular spelled the same) so I think the first chapter will be the political struggles of the Llaprami where the reader will not realize at first that they are not humans. I will have to come up with a name for humans in the Llaprami language to maintain the ruse. A group of pygmi humans in that general area are called the Yamomama (not sure of the spelling) so Llomamo will work for the name for humans (double L is often pronounced as a Y sound). The Llomamo (humans) are the subject of the debates among the Llaprami that they will have in the first chapter so...

First chapter title:

Because the name for humans and the name given to the creatures will be sourced from the local humans, the double L thing and the Latin-language 5 vowel sound restriction thing are not neccessarily typical for the non-human Llaprami so I will have a more panther-like vocal sound to their names.

Traditionalist male character:
Augraesta (awe-oo GREY east stay - roll that R!)

Militant thinking male:
Raegaeg (RAW e GAY eag - ends as in eagle, purr on the R)

Young female friend:
Earesea (e AIR ease SEE eh - hold and purr on that R for half the total word time)

name for one's own mother:
Himeu (HIM me you)

Some cultural rules
- names are never used directly when the person is not present so phrases like "the one named Himeu showed me" would be used. Using such phrases in the presense of the person indicates that they do not consider them present as a insult or specifically that they are rejecting the last statement by that person ("I never heard that because in my mind, you are not here"). It (using the name indirectly in the person's presence) can also be used as praise in the future tense because all the great deceased are spoken of that way ("I honour the one we called Daurieg for her great conquests before her final sacrifice for her people" and when proposing to Earesea, "She who will be known as Earesea has my eternal love")
Ann Vole

Llaprami, Chapter 1, Llomamo, page 1

1) Llomamo

"...'mamo" she growled with all the fear and warning she could pack into that wisper. Her last word kept ringing in his ears long after the gunshot took her away. Why do the Lomamo want us dead? Why do they distroy our home and steal our land? Maybe we never helped them like the one they call Meshmia. He made friends with the Llomamo, saved many lives, brought peace for many generations. Can that happen again? She who will allways be called my Himeu always held hope of peace again with the Llomamo. "the power of four is like the legs of the one" she would say, "two on each side... You need to get married." The memory of her smile when she said this brought a brief smile to his lips but then he remembered not to slow down... The others had to be warned.
Ann Vole

Llaprami, Llomamo, page 2

"Raegaeg, a lone Llomamo hunter heading straight for... for the home... of the one who will always be Himeu"

"Augraesta, your mother has been gone for almost a year, get over it already."

"the one called Raegaeg would not understand pain and guilt."

"I might not understand your feelings but I will send a female your way for back-up... She should distract your thoughts."

"The one who may die as my scouting partner will be sent back... I work alone."

"Some lonely guy named Augraesta will get a female partner soon. A beauty named Earesea could distract any mind."

"This Llomamo looks like he is new to hunting and will be easy to watch. He climbs trees like a Llaprami... a newborn one. I thought you were saying 'Earesea' a lot lately; is your nose pointing in a different direction now?"

"No, I am just keeping her options open so I know if she is truely happy with my scent when she dreams."

"For your sake, I will stay downwind of the two of you because this superb option is not interested."
Ann Vole

Novel: Llaprami, Llomamo, page 3

Hmmm what's that?... A swimming agouti. That llomamo won't be going far, I will ask for prey.

"Any problems?"

"All have been good"

"Are you sure?"

"I would be wrong to lie. I would give my life for all those I know. I always have a problem with those caymen"

"Who doesn't? We shall meet again when you need your pains ended."

Pretty cheeky for a male. Not to many of them around lately though. They must be on the menu of the Llomamo especially since they swim so slow and can't climb.
Ann Vole

Llaprami, Llomamo, page 4

"Earesea! It's a surprise finding you here"

"I looked all over for you. Why were you not at your post?"

"I saw a Llomamo and reported him"

"How exciting! Do you think it is close by"

"It is male and very dangerous even from a long distance. This one is especially dangerous because he climbs trees. I would feel much better if you were not in the area"

"four eyes are always better then two"

"Hush! I think the Llomamo is in the next tree"

"there... 'mamo?"

"Yes but please call them 'Llomamo'. I will sneak above because I am better hiding and viewing from above. Can you watch from below?"

"Sure, be careful though. I heard they can see in the dark, is that true?"

"Only the ones who wear big things over their eyes... This one can. Look to see if he still has a boat somewhere."

"Boat? Like the old 'mamo use? ... I mean Llomamo."

"Yes, almost the same"
Ann Vole

Llaprami, Llomamo, page 5

"Earesea, it looks like this guy is going to sleep in the tree. I need to visit what is left of the one I called Himeu. Could you watch him while I go?"

"I am also without a mother so yes I would be honoured to help you honour her."

"We will have to share stories when I get back."

"Hello, I seek one whose name is Amereaeg the daughter of my grandmother Saegaeri. Her soul has been stolen but for her feet. I, Augaesta, have spoken her name daily before the relocation."

"I have been expecting you and the one whom you seek has had her feet arive safely. Feel free to say 'Daurieg'." (DAW oo RYE egg - purr on the R for half the word's time)

"Thank you, Daurieg. Where are you from?"

"The ancient hold of our hero named Groueg was stolen along with the souls of my parrents who were on guard and those of many generations. They adopted me here."

"Do you have any trace of their souls"

"No, they must be where ever they took our ancesters"

"Himeu, I am so sorry you had to flee yet again after death as we have all your life. If I can bring the peace you thought possible, I will act without hesitation like pounching on prey. Can you help me see opportunities for peace? I will also try to bring all parts of your soul to be with your family once again. Please guide me to their resting place, your resting places, so that they may be again united and continue to stay alive in the minds of the next generation. Speaking of the next generation, it looks as though just about everyone is thinking of breaking the sacred trust granted us as guadians! Murder and mistrust are always on their lips. I fear we are destined to be trying to bring down too large a prey and dying as a people forever. Help me remember your words as I try to stop this murderous attack of revenge against the other guardiens of creation. Help me keep from sliding into hate as the memory of your last breaths and the ripping of your soul off your body keep pouncing on my thoughts like an injured foot... Like seeing your feet... Cut off and left like they were garbage... I fear the hate, help me my Himeu. Good bye and rest in peace."

"Thank you so much Daurieg for saving my ancestors. Dispite being lighter, my mother's feet must have been the heaviest soul to carry with your mind."

"Oh, Augaesta, your soul helped bear the burden. The heaviest souls to bring are those with nothing to carry but fading memories."

"Is there anything I can do to help your service of keeper of souls?"

"Continue visiting your mother is the best thing as I will know that she continues to live on in you."

"Thank you Dauriag, I will visit tomorrow and tell you her story if you will listen."

"I will be doubly honoured to witness two close souls walking through our collective minds."

"see you tomorrow then, about this time"