Ann Vole (annvole) wrote,
Ann Vole

I may not be front page but the issues are

My dad was angry that a violent home invasion was not front page news in Saskatchewan where it would be in Calgary. Well the next day's two top front page items were gang related violence and killing and an article on the shortage of doctors (the hospital had one doctor on for the busiest night they had this year and for two hospitals so they bumped me up the list because they could not do successful stitches if they waited longer then 8 hours - how long I waited). While my particulars are just a drop in the hat for the crime-capital of Canada, the issues are on the news. The politicians may be starting to figure out that there is a fundamental mistake in their general way of thinking... Prosperity comes from security and security comes from a well paid and well trained police force with enough numbers to be the eyes and consciousness of the people.

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