Ann Vole (annvole) wrote,
Ann Vole

Devine technical errors

Well, there seems to be nothing wrong with my original digital camera (except it is not very sensitive to light... will work under bright lights as a animation pencil-test setup just fine). The strange windows rebooting I got before seems to not be a problem now... now that I got a different camera. I am fairly sure the technical problems were to get me finding different hardware. I am also glad I did not get distracted with animation back then when I was not ready in terms of life situation. I mentioned some other disasters in my life... that lead me to develop the technologies that may be the thing to "save the world"... I would not be "in the know" if the easy and obvious ways to do things were not blocked by technical problems. Even the rash of mistakes and grievances from Sasktel (my land-phone and internet provider last year until September) directed me to see a whole world of possibilities in communication options.

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