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Ann Vole

Webmaster time

I dabbled a bit in webmaking stuff for a couple decades (learned HTML before the world wide web's www designation was made), but I never did anything serious. I have several ideas that I have not seen anyone else develop such as web sites designed to automatically translate to any language that is defined in a browser plug-in. To develop this unique XML scripting language (similar to HTML but with different tabs and metas), I need to have a good command of what is currently out there. Yesterday I installed a new php forums to the new server site for and two days ago I got domain names registered and index pages installed. Tomorrow (later today) I will be rebuilding the index pages and links for a large site ( is home to lots of webcomics and other stuff like radioplay "podcasts"). Next week I will set up an html-based artist update system so anybody on almost any web-capable computer and any browser can maintain a webcomic site including visually editing the page and uploading images but all without giving access to the site itself and being very "idiot proof" so things will always work and look OK no matter how unskilled the comic artist or how crafty a hacker is who has obtained an artist's passcode. Next project is to make automaticaly updated mirror sites (with Ottercomics on both LooseFoot's space and's space in full and independent so no matter what, ottercomics will continue to be up and updates.

I will be making several websites for my businesses, for the mission's group at my church, for an child autism support group and charity, and for some webcomics I will be doing. All those elements from html to C++ programming will have to be mastered.

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