Ann Vole (annvole) wrote,
Ann Vole

Llaprami,She's gone, Page 9

What did I do wrong? Without her I have nothing left to live for. If she is seeing someone else, it is news to me. Maybe all my travels to forein countries to interpret trials or learn more dialects made her suspicious... No, that can't be it, she has access to video of the trials and my global position information for every second of my married life. Well, maybe if I leave too she will know I still want to do everything she does.

What did I ever do before she came along? Climb things! Trees, mountains, ice caves, heh, buildings... glad they did not kick me out of university for being in jail so many times from my building climbing stunts! I had Spiderman everything, even underware! She was the only girl who would climb with me. If I wasn't her "George of the jungle" I was her "Tarzan the monkey man". I guess all my work and traveling left no time for climbing. I am probably too old for that stuff now. Still, the best trees are in Brazil. "Brazil, where the nuts come from" she would always say... or when talking about us, "nuts and trees go together" and I would add "you always crack me up".

I can't even excape her in my thoughts... I need to do something different. Nice climbing equipment in this kit... but I need a quite a bit more. I have to do some shopping before my flight.

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